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Kanazawa Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Cantonese Restaurant SAIKOHROU (広東料理・中国火鍋 菜香樓)
(Area: Kanazawa)
The first restaurant of SAIKOHROU. In a warm and relaxed atmosphere, enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine and "seafood hot pot" with seasonal ingredients from Kanazawa.
SAIKOHROU (広東名菜・香港飲茶 菜香樓)
(Area: Kanazawa)
Experienced chefs from Hong Kong make the most of carefully selected ingredients. Their dynamic and delicate Chinese cuisine will bring you an authentic taste of China.
SYOURYUTEI (和風中華 招龍亭)
SYOURYUTEI (和風中華 招龍亭)  (Japanese-Chinese)
(Area: Kanazawa)
Enjoy the delicate "Kaiseki-style Chinese cuisine" prepared with ingredients that emphasize the four seasons using the finest cooking techniques.
Kaga Noto Zawatalian La Foresta
(Area: Kanazawa)
The chef, popular on TV and in magazines, has put a lot of time, effort, and love into preparing dishes using ingredients from Kaga, Noto, and local Kanazawa areas, as well as ingredients from Italy. Please enjoy the chef's specialties in a comfortable setting.
4 restaurant(s) out of 1-4restaurant(s) 1

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