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How We Protect Your Information

Corporate Philosophy

Field Planning Inc. is a company that makes use of a new way of advertising and marketing. Our mission is to bring the best possible range of services, special conveniences and privileges to our members and partners. Field Planning Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of all of its members, clients and all of the individuals who visit our website or make use of our services. To protect personal information, we have set up a privacy policy that will be strictly followed and referred to when handling personal information related to our business activities and corporate philosophy.

Privacy Policy

Field Planning Inc. takes the utmost care in handling personal information, taking appropriate measures in the gathering, using, and storing such information in accordance with Japanese law. Field Planning Inc. officially confirms the privacy policy as the standard of conduct by which executives, employees and sub-contractors shall observe and be required to follow completely in order protect the personal information of all interested parties.

Field Planning Inc. will clearly specify the reasons for acquiring and using any personal information within the scope necessary for the achievement of its business activities, and it will take appropriate measures not to use any personal information beyond the specified scope.
Field Planning Inc. will take reasonable and appropriate security measures, and it will apply corrective actions against risks such as an unauthorized access, loss or destruction and disclosure of any personal information.
Field Planning Inc. will comply with the Japanese law, regulations and normal business practices of Japan.
Field Planning Inc. will continuously review and improve the privacy policy and security measures to protect the personal information in the changing business environment.
Field Planning Inc. will respond appropriately and promptly to any complaints from the person of origin regarding matters of disclosure, correction, deletion, and/or cessation of personal information.

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