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Sapporo Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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(Area: Sapporo)
A quiet and elegant place to savor adventurous combinations of Hokkaido's choicest seasonal vegetables and ingredients from all over the country perfectly complemented by 200 selections of wine.
Le Gentilhomme
Le Gentilhomme  (French)
(Area: Sapporo)
Highly regarded Hokkaido French cuisine restaurant with 29-years of success history invites you to enjoy traditional seasonal dishes and over 8,000 bottles of 700 different wines.
Tempura ZEN (てんぷら 膳)
(Area: Sapporo)
Enjoy crispy and hot tempura cooked in the most timely manner right in front of your eyes. Deep fried in Tashiro sesame oil Tempura is perfectly complemented with Japanese Sake, Souchu and a wide choice of wines and champagne.
AKI NAGAO  (French)
(Area: Sapporo)
Our Chef was honing his culinary skills in kitchens across France, Tokyo and Sapporo to bring out the best taste of French cuisine. We recommend our wine pairing to enjoy a perfect match for every dish.
IWB  Romanee (IWBろまね)
(Area: Sapporo)
International Wine Bar Romanee carries over 1,000 different wines to compliment delicious French cuisine. We use carefully selected ingredients purchased from Hokkaido and all parts of Japan and Europe for the best flavours.
Local Cuisine Suginome, Hotel Okura (きょうど料理亭)
(Area: Sapporo)
Enjoy seasonal local food and delicious Hokkaido crabs in the best traditions of SUGINOME. A fascinating location - just 1 minute walk from Odori Koen (Park).
Local Cuisine Suginome Hon-ten (きょうど料理亭 杉ノ目 本店)
(Area: Sapporo)
At Suginome, visitors can enjoy a great array of Hokkaido favorites including famous savory Hokkaido crabs and local seasonal seafood and produce. The restaurant offers an unforgettable atmosphere of a traditional Ainu (indigenous people in Hokkaido) house in the stunning ambiance of a renovated 1915 building.
Ajidokoro Matsuda (味処 まつ田)
(Area: Sapporo)
Successfully servicing for over 43 years we welcome you to enjoy excellent quality fish and warm service.
Restaurant KUROSHIMA (レストラン 黒島)
(Area: Sapporo)
Food – treasure of Hokkaido. We selected the finest seasonal ingredients to make a lot of people happy. Enjoy a relaxing peaceful atmosphere and excellent French cuisine from chef Kuroshima to satisfy all your five senses.
TAKU sushi (田久鮓)
TAKU sushi (田久鮓)  (Sushi)
(Area: Sapporo)
Enjoy your night at the elegant, sophisticated restaurant. TAKU offers sushi crafted from the most carefully prepared fish and seafood.
Northern Food Design TAKU MARUYAMA
(Area: Sapporo)
The popular back street Japanese restaurant welcomes you to enjoy peaceful time and Japanese cuisine prepared according to your taste using Hokkaido vegetables and seafood to ensure the best possible flavors.
teatro di massa
teatro di massa  (Italian)
(Area: Sapporo)
Counter seating restaurant to enjoy “Cucina creativa” - creative local cuisine from the Chef who polished his skills at famous and two starred restaurants in Hokkaido.
12 restaurant(s) out of 1-12restaurant(s) 1

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