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Sendai Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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(Area: Sendai)
Small restaurant to try pure French food. Petit Bonheur aims to create delicate French cuisine, to deliver pure natural taste by maximizing the flavors of the freshest ingredients.
Restaurant TSUJI
Restaurant TSUJI  (French)
(Area: Sendai)
We offer organic farm-produced pesticide-free vegetables, meat and seafood from Sanriku Coast, as well as the best food from France and overseas pursuing the season. Based on French cuisine artfully plated creations, prepared with the mix of various ingredients, will make you happy with every bite.
Omachi Nidaime Kougorou (大町 二代目 幸五郎)
(Area: Sendai)
The restaurant’s specialty is meet from beef cattle, raised healthy using Chinese herbal medicine, famous for its low fat-melting temperature and no smell. Please enjoy the deliciousness of the original beef in a full course menu.
Teppanyaki Dining TAKA, Jozenji Dori  (鉄板ダイニング誉 定禅寺通り店)
(Area: Sendai)
Our restaurant offers two types of reasonable Miyagi prefecture-produced beef (Hitakami and Sendai beef), fresh vegetables purchased directly from a local farmers, shrimp and scallops grilled on Teppan iron plate. Experience a real pleasure of seating at a Teppanyaki counter seats enjoying a cooking performance right in front of your eyes.
Japanese cuisine ONOYA Tora Fugu & Tofu, Sendai
(Area: Sendai)
Approximately 50 years ago at the opening of the store, it was a tofu cuisine specialty shop, but now we deal with all kinds of Japanese cuisines including Tiger Fugu. We incorporate new with traditional techniques, and we offer all homemade dishes in accordance with the requests of our customers
Ristorante Il Miramare
Ristorante Il Miramare  (Italian)
(Area: Sendai)
Ristorante Il Miramare, where you can enjoy authentic Italian, is located in a corner of Arcade street where local people crowd. The restaurant is finished with the chic furnishings. The perfect place to spend a special time in a calm and fashionable atmosphere.
Syouchikuzendokoro (松竹膳處)
Syouchikuzendokoro (松竹膳處)  (Japanese ・ Kaiseki)
(Area: Sendai)
Founded in 1948, a long-established Japanese restaurant. Using the best of local produce we offer specialties of Sendai port oysters, sea bass, etc. Please enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine and seasonal ingredients. Recommended restaurant for a special occasion.
Chinese Peking HITEN (中国北京料理 飛天)
(Area: Sendai)
Fellows who worked at Hotel Sendai Plaza for many years started Hiten with a desire to create a restaurant that provides three satisfactions of "taste, service, atmosphere" with the spirit of Plaza hotel. Please enjoy healthy Chinese cuisine prepared with fresh Miyagi, Tohoku ingredients.
8 restaurant(s) out of 1-8restaurant(s) 1

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