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KANAGAWA Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Grandciar HAYAMA-AN
Grandciar HAYAMA-AN  (French)
(Area: Yokohama)
Gentle breeze from the sea at Crandciar Hayama-An, conveniently located in Minato-Mirai, Yokohama. Forget about time and enjoy natural French to fulfill your body and soul.
Kanton Hanten (廣東飯店)
(Area: Yokohama China Town)
Located in an exotic Chinatown, Yokohama. The Kanton Hanten is a relaxing and quiet place decorated as traditional Chinese house. Enjoy authentic taste of a variety of menu choices from shark's fin dishes to dim sum and desserts prepared by a skilled chef.
Bistro Hermitage
Bistro Hermitage  (French)
(Area: Yokohama)
Take a bite of respite and savor original dishes based on French cuisine in a calm relaxing atmosphere at Bistro Hermitage.
International Cuisine subzero
(Area: Yokohama)
Enjoy a fabulous location right on Osanbashi Pier at the Port of Yokohama and the perfect view of ocean and night lights of the city. Original Italian dishes made with the best seasonal ingredients and perfectly complemented by wine.
MIYOKAWA Kamakura (鎌倉 御代川)
(Area: Kamakura)
The secret taste from the Japanese Nimono King - Miyokawa Koinosuke, the best selections of local ingredients and premium Miura-Hayama beef.
Alte Liebe Yokohama
Alte Liebe Yokohama  (French)
(Area: Yokohama)
An authentic Viennese music restaurant located on the Ginkgo tree's avenue. The Alte Liebe offers European cuisine made with the carefully selected seasonal ingredients perfectly complemented by live music. Enjoy the performance of musicians invited from Eastern Europe.
(Area: Yokohama)
The Umiria offers a wide selection of high-end dishes using the best from traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine. Indulge in a luxury of dinning space created by the world-rank designer and savor unique Italian Yokohama-style dishes.
IL PINOLO Kawasaki
IL PINOLO Kawasaki  (Italian)
(Area: Kawasaki)
The beautiful reminiscent of Italy's Hill Towns. Best seasonal ingredients artfully arranged to enjoy the world of superb taste, traditional cuisine that takes advantage of the grace of the Earth.
Ristorante AO Zushi Marina (Old Name: RIVIERA GRAND BLUE)
(Area: Kamakura)
The restaurant is located within the Riviera Zushi Marina, and from the moment you enter via the short pier you will feel like you are in a tropical resort paradise. We utilize the freshest and finest seasonal ingredients, including Kamakura vegetables, Hayama wagyu beef and Shonan seafood, all sourced directly from local farmers and fishermen, to create wonderfully exotic Italian dishes, full of flavor and delightfully presented.
(Area: Shonan)
Enjoy tasteful delicate French cuisine carefully prepared by the chef focusing on local ingredients. Our chef polished his skills at the award-winning Crescent restaurant. Please enjoy time with your friend and loved ones away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
(Area: Yokohama)
Il Pinolo SkyTerrace boasts good seats to enjoy dinner overlooking the Bay Bridge and the port of Yokohama. Spend your precious time with loved ones while admiring the beautiful scenery. We use the best of seasonal ingredients to maximize flavour and taste of Italian cuisine.
Ristorante REAL
Ristorante REAL  (Italian)
(Area: Yokohama)
Ristorante REAL offers Italian cuisine prepared using traditional cooking technics to bring out the best taste. We recommend to try our hand-made pasta and meat dishes.
12 restaurant(s) out of 1-12restaurant(s) 1

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