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OSAKA Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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L'aPpetit L'Eau à la Bouche
(Area: Kitahama)
Modern and stylish dining space. The food is always prepared to the highest standards of Hotel Plaza with the best Kyoto vegetables and carefully selected ingredients.
ALFARO  (Italian)
(Area: Yodoyabashi)
Enjoy a peaceful elegant atmosphere and a harmony of taste from the owner-chef. The Alfaro restaurant offers a spacious dining space, private rooms and a VIP room for any occasion.
MIRAMAR (美麗華)  (Chinese)
(Area: Kitahama)
Miramar offers Shark Fins, Lobster and Abalone dishes based on Chinese cuisine as well as a variety of grilled food made of high quality ingredients. Enjoy delicious food cooked according to your taste and a genuine hospitality.
KITA-ZUIEN (懐石 北瑞苑)
(Area: Umeda)
Enjoy Kaiseki-course served on traditional Japanese porcelains (Arita-yaki and Kutani-yaki) and an authentic Japanese atmosphere of kotatsu-type private rooms.
Beef Steak KOMATSUYA (網焼ビフテキ 小松屋)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
Relaxing atmosphere and Art Nouveau style of a dining space set off by the warm lighting and wooden furniture. Enjoy a genuine taste of properly cooked beef steak seasoned with natural salt and pepper.
Teppanyaki & Restaurant Bar Caro
(Area: Kitashinchi)
The Caro offers a special atmosphere like in black and white movie and high-quality Kurogewagyu beef Teppanyaki made with carefully selected ingredients from all over the country. Delicious food perfectly complemented by fine wine chosen by a sommelier.
L'esprit de Coeur de France
(Area: Kitahama)
Enjoy amazing French cuisine made of the best seasonal fresh-farm vegetables from west part of Japan. A hint of traditional cooking and special technique to draw out the best flavor and provide exceptional dining experience.
DANSHIN (暖心)  (Japanese)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
Relax in a stylish and simple atmosphere made in European elegant style. A popular place for an adult clientele to savor Japanese cuisine made with carefully selected seasonal ingredients perfectly complemented by wine.
(Area: Umeda)
The Rayon presents visually pleasing and colorful dishes using seasonal vegetables from local farms and the freshest ingredients picked up by vegetable sommelier to fulfill your body and soul.
Vermillon MAHOROBA
Vermillon MAHOROBA  (French)
(Area: Shinsaibashi)
Enjoy a stylish elegant atmosphere and authentic French cuisine. Vermillon prides itself on using natural ingredients chosen by farmers who know what is the best.
vrai de vrai CHEZ HIRO
vrai de vrai CHEZ HIRO  (French)
(Area: Shinsaibashi)
Hide from the hustle and bustle of Osaka city and enjoy an authentic taste of French food in a relaxing atmosphere set off by the warm wooden interior. The Chez Hiro offers simple classic French cuisine complemented by the fine selection of over 80 different wines.
CHUNAGON Osaka Station Square Third Building (活 伊勢海老料理 中納言 大阪駅前第3ビル店)
(Area: Umeda)
Lobster - a delicious gift from the sea. The Chunagon restaurant specialized in spiny lobster cuisine. Try the best of natural lobster dishes prepared using only live Japanese spiny lobsters raised up at the natural environment to bring the best taste to treat all your senses.
CHUNAGON Sennichimaemirakukan (活 伊勢海老料理 中納言 千日前味楽館)
(Area: Namba)
Lobster - a delicious gift from the sea. The Chunagon restaurant specialized in spiny lobster cuisine. Try the best of natural lobster dishes prepared using only live Japanese spiny lobsters raised up at the natural environment to enjoy the real and fresh taste of Lobsters cuisine with adventurous combinations of ingredients and flavorings.
épouvantail  (French)
(Area: Shinsaibashi)
Established in 1980 in Minamisenba, the right place to enjoy a soft roe of tiger puffer, lived abalone or mallard from Fukui cooked with passion in the best tradition of well-established restaurant.
Ristorante Rinascere Dojima
(Area: Dojima)
Relax in an elegant atmosphere of the old renovated house built 60 years ago. Rinascere Dojima offers food cooked with love and served with a genuine hospitality.
UKIHASHI (日本料理 浮橋)
(Area: Umeda)
Located on the 19th floor of the Oosaka Granvia hotel, directly above JR Osaka station. The Ukihashi menu features authentic Japanese cuisine, using seasonal ingredients, and visually stunning presentation. Enjoy a variety of sake, shochu, wine and champagne.
(Area: Umeda)
Enjoy headed by Executive Chef Kenichi Kashiwagi, the restaurant's variety of award-winning cuisine and vibrant atmosphere. The chef is passionate about finding the best of the local ingredients from all over Japan. The Fleuve offers a magnificent view from the 19th floor of the Osaka Granvia hotel, located directly above JR Osaka station, and exceptional Italian and French fusion cuisine perfectly complemented by wine.
BALI Lax THE GARDEN Umeda  (Asian・French)
(Area: Umeda)
Indulge in a luxury and harmony of sounds of running water and lights like you dine at a high-class Bali resort in the center of Osaka. Please enjoy Bali Lax style Asian creative French cuisine to your heart's content.
IL PINOLO Umeda  (Italian)
(Area: Umeda)
Big windows create a spacious light dining space with well-separated tables for a bit of privacy. Our chef follow the basics of Italian cuisine and add bright colors into simple Italian food.
Nakanoshima HONOKAWA (中之島 穂の河)
(Area: Nakanoshima)
Please enjoy to your heart's content the exquisite tastes of beautifully plated dishes from the chef polished his skills in Kitasinchi Honten to offer you traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern touch.
30 restaurant(s) out of 1-20restaurant(s) 1 2 ≫|

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