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Syotai-Biyori Top Restaurants

1位 Sushi MISUJI (カレッタ汐留 寿司 美寿思)
Sushi MISUJI (カレッタ汐留 寿司 美寿思)
Located on the 46th floor, 200m meters above the ground, Misuji offers an impressive view over neon city lights. The knowledge and cooking techniques has been handed down from generations to generations to deliver the best taste of sushi prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, served with attention to details.
2位 Teppanyaki RANMA (鉄板焼 蘭麻)
Teppanyaki RANMA (鉄板焼 蘭麻)
Modern Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant located in a quiet Higashi Azabu district offers carefully selected top-rank Japanese beef grilled to perfection by a skilled chef right before your eyes. Best cuts for those who know a lot about food.
3位 Ristorante SABATINI di Firenze, Tokyo
Ristorante SABATINI di Firenze, Tokyo
Popular among locals and celebrities Ristorante SABATINI di Firenze represents Italian at its best in Japan. The executive chef Virgilio Baldi, a pioneer of Italian cuisine, welcomes you to enjoy authentic Toscana food of excellent quality.

Recommended Restaurants

Local Cuisine Suginome, Hotel Okura (きょうど料理亭)
Local Cuisine Suginome, Hotel Okura (きょうど料理亭)
Enjoy seasonal local food and delicious Hokkaido crabs in the best traditions of SUGINOME. A fascinating location - just 1 minute walk from Odori Koen (Park).
Ristorante Primi Baci
Ristorante Primi Baci
Primi Baci is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and savor Italian cuisine. Forget about time and enjoy a magnificent view of Kichijōji Inogashira Park.
Northern Food Design TAKU MARUYAMA Northern Food Design TAKU MARUYAMA
The popular back street Japanese restaurant welcomes you to enjoy peaceful time and Japanese cuisine prepared according to your taste using Hokkaido vegetables and seafood to ensure the best possible flavors.
Kanihachi restaurant is a pioneer of crab cuisine in Japan. The perfect place to enjoy a delicious "crab steak", "crab sashimi" and variety of beloved crab dishes.
Eglise de Hayama-an Eglise de Hayama-an
Surrounded by the beauty and abundance of nature Eglise de Hayama-an uses mostly organic ingredients from local farms and fresh Hayama beef. Relax in luxury and enjoy original French cuisine. The professional staff will leave you completely satisfied.
Ristorante AO Zushi Marina (Old Name: RIVIERA GRAND BLUE) Ristorante AO Zushi Marina (Old Name: RIVIERA GRAND BLUE)
The restaurant is located within the Riviera Zushi Marina, and from the moment you enter via the short pier you will feel like you are in a tropical resort paradise. We utilize the freshest and finest seasonal ingredients, including Kamakura vegetables, Hayama wagyu beef and Shonan seafood, all sourced directly from local farmers and fishermen, to create wonderfully exotic Italian dishes, full of flavor and delightfully presented.
Japanese Restaurant Ginza Ishizuka (日本料理 銀座いしづか) Japanese Restaurant Ginza Ishizuka (日本料理 銀座いしづか)
The Ishizuka restaurant offers the best dishes and carefully selected seasonal ingredients from owner-chef Ishizuka Tadashi who started from “Fukudaya” restaurant in Kioi-cho and polished his skills in such restaurants like ”Banreki Ryu Ko Do” and “Wake Toku Yama”. Great place to enjoy Japanese cuisine and genuine hospitality in Ginza.
Indulge in a modern art space of Quartier Latin decorated by painting or our wine bar Cinq Sens. Our master chef brings out the best taste of ingredients to offer French cuisine and wine recommended by sommelier.
Ristorante Casa Bianca Ristorante Casa Bianca
The "Cavaliere" medal from the president of the Italian Republic was awarded to Casa Bianca restaurant. The real Italian dishes from an owner-chef perfectly complemented by Italian wines.
Big windows create a spacious light dining space with well-separated tables for a bit of privacy. Our chef follow the basics of Italian cuisine and add bright colors into simple Italian food.
Japanese Ryoriya IMURI (日本の料理屋 IMURI) Japanese Ryoriya IMURI (日本の料理屋 IMURI)
A hideaway for adults featuring seasonal foods. Spare a moment to enjoy delicious food and escape the noise of the city. Let the splendid night view charm your eyes.
(Area:Marina Bay)
ME@OUE is sure to delight the senses with one of the most enticing gourmet offerings in the city. An impeccable selection of innovative Japanese, French and Chinese cuisines, and complemented with a remarkable view, a stylish, sophisticated ambience and a highly personalised attention to detail, a visit to ME@OUE is always a delightful experience to be remembered by all.

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