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Syotai-Biyori Top Restaurants

1位 Sushi MISUJI (カレッタ汐留 寿司 美寿思)
Sushi MISUJI (カレッタ汐留 寿司 美寿思)
Located on the 46th floor, 200m meters above the ground, Misuji offers an impressive view over neon city lights. The knowledge and cooking techniques has been handed down from generations to generations to deliver the best taste of sushi prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, served with attention to details.
2位 Teppanyaki RANMA (鉄板焼 蘭麻)
Teppanyaki RANMA (鉄板焼 蘭麻)
Modern Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant located in a quiet Higashi Azabu district offers carefully selected top-rank Japanese beef grilled to perfection by a skilled chef right before your eyes. Best cuts for those who know a lot about food.
Located in a luxuriously styled heritage building of renovated long and distinguished Ryokan. The Kawabun Nagoya promises unforgettable dining experience: familiar and rich taste of selected ingredients, wonderful Italian food in tasteful atmosphere.

Recommended Restaurants

Teppanyaki ICHIKA (鉄板焼 いちか)
Teppanyaki ICHIKA (鉄板焼 いちか)
The Ichika offers not only Japanese beef of the highest quality, but also fresh seafood such as lobster or abalone. Enjoy a chef performance and relax either at the main counter seating or at the private VIP counter or cozy sofas.
The Chef’s Omakase course changes daily. Day by day we purchase the freshest fish at the peak of maturity and carefully select seasonal ingredients to offer sushi and Japanese specialties for your delight. Welcoming counter seating to relax and fully enjoy a chef’s performance.
teatro di massa teatro di massa
Counter seating restaurant to enjoy “Cucina creativa” - creative local cuisine from the Chef who polished his skills at famous and two starred restaurants in Hokkaido.
Kanihachi restaurant is a pioneer of crab cuisine in Japan. The perfect place to enjoy a delicious "crab steak", "crab sashimi" and variety of beloved crab dishes.
Eglise de Hayama-an Eglise de Hayama-an
Surrounded by the beauty and abundance of nature Eglise de Hayama-an uses mostly organic ingredients from local farms and fresh Hayama beef. Relax in luxury and enjoy original French cuisine. The professional staff will leave you completely satisfied.
SHOZANTEI Kagurazaka Honkan (翔山亭 神楽坂 本館) SHOZANTEI Kagurazaka Honkan (翔山亭 神楽坂 本館)
Shozantei restaurant offers yakiniku course menu using grade 5 Japanese beef (Kuroge Wagyu), with the entire cow purchased to offer you the best pieces of meat according to your desires. Enjoy handmade cold noodles from Morioka as a final dish and a genuine hospitality.
Alte Liebe Yokohama Alte Liebe Yokohama
An authentic Viennese music restaurant located on the Ginkgo tree's avenue. The Alte Liebe offers European cuisine made with the carefully selected seasonal ingredients perfectly complemented by live music. Enjoy the performance of musicians invited from Eastern Europe.
Japanese restaurant TSUTAMO (料亭 蔦茂) Japanese restaurant TSUTAMO (料亭 蔦茂)
Conveniently located in Sakae district of downtown Nagoya. Japanese cooking traditions has been developed over the centuries at Tsutamo, we are dedicated to share this experience with all our guests. Each of Japan's four seasons brings a hue, a flavor and a feeling an essence that we embrace and combined in each and every dish we create. Our traditional Japanese style atmosphere, elegant rooms overlooking Japanese garden offers all our guests a relaxed and quiet dining experience.
Machiya Sichuan Hoshitsukiyo (町家 四川 星月夜) Machiya Sichuan Hoshitsukiyo (町家 四川 星月夜)
We offer flavorful Sichuan cuisine using only carefully selected garden-fresh seasonal ingredients and the best of Kyoto produce. Located in a machiya building with old pillars and fittings Hoshitsukiyo will bring you to the relaxing space beyond the time. We look forward to serving you.
The authentic Western restaurant Alaska, opened in 1928, welcomes you to enjoy a true hospitality of a fine venue. A formal atmosphere and an elegant interior to ensure you experience the highest quality for any occasion.
CHUNAGON Kobe Harborland (活 伊勢海老料理 中納言 神戸ハーバーランド店) CHUNAGON Kobe Harborland (活 伊勢海老料理 中納言 神戸ハーバーランド店)
Lobster - a delicious gift from the sea. The Chunagon restaurant specialized in spiny lobster cuisine. Try the best of natural lobster dishes prepared using only live Japanese spiny lobsters raised up at the natural environment to enjoy the real and fresh taste of Lobster cuisine with adventurous combinations of ingredients and flavorings.
W’s Lotus Garden (蓮双庭) W’s Lotus Garden (蓮双庭)
Duo restaurant for casual and special occasions. We offer a comfortable space and various options for your needs and number of people. Please enjoy a modern Chinese dining at Wakiya.

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