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Around Nagoya Station Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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ILBEIGE  (Italian)
(Area: Around Nagoya Station)
IL BEIGE Italian restaurant offers the best of local seasonal ingredients, carefully selected from Aichi, Gifu, and Mie prefectures. Please enjoy beautifully matching table ware in a graceful and elegant space.
LA ETERNITA  (French・Italian)
(Area: Around Nagoya Station)
A stylish space with a ceiling height of 6m and glass walls enhance a special dining experience. Plenty of seasonal ingredients and delicacy of French cuisine, incorporated beautifully in every dish. Please enjoy inspiration we gained from the season.
Kitokito Nagoya (きときと 名古屋店)
(Area: Around Nagoya Station)
Enjoy Toyama all year round, such as firefly squid in spring, Iwagaki oysters in summer, yellowtail, snow crab, and seabass in winter. We offer a large selection of sake that matches the seasonal ingredients. The pure Japanese-style space ranges from private rooms to large halls and can be widely used for private meetings or banquets.
Shin Nihon Ryori Muneharu (新日本料理 宗春)
(Area: Around Nagoya Station)
A completely private space, you can enter the restaurant with your code number. Enjoy a large selection of wine and sake to match the dishes carefully selected by a famous sommelier. We offer cuisine that combines ingredients such as foie gras and truffles while preserving the traditional taste of Japan.
4 restaurant(s) out of 1-4restaurant(s) 1

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