What is Syotai-Biyori?

Syotai-Biyori is an exclusive members-only privilege club.
Since establishment in 2005, over 800,000 VIP members now experience the benefits of using Syotai-Biyori.
We offer exclusive complimentary services that provide members with special privileges: one meal free-of-charge, special members-only offers, etc. So we introduce the best restaurants to VIP customers. As a reward, one free meal is provided by a restaurant, for which it becomes advertizing expenses.

Why should I choose Syotai-Biyori?

There are several reasons:

We are doing all the hard work choosing only the finest venues to give you an opportunity to try the most recommended course at one of the best restaurants in Japan and one of your party will be not charged for his or her course menu.
All restaurants’ information is provided in English. You can find great restaurants throughout Japan. You can use English-Language assistance to make reservations or exclude from the menu some ingredients. Both online and phone reservations are available.
Make as many reservations as you want! The only limitation is that you can use our complementary service once per each restaurant during a 6 month period. We explain why: our service is not a discount; the complementary meal which your party will get for free is a present from the restaurant. Pay directly to the restaurant. The only money you pay to us is annual membership fees.
With Syotai-Biyori there won’t be embarrassing moments where you need to show a coupon or promotional code at the end of your meal! Just mention your name to the restaurant host and enjoy special membership privileges.

Is the quality of the complementary meal good?

Don't worry! We offer you the most recommended course from a restaurant menu!
Syotai-Biyori selects only well-known and prestigious venues.

First two years after starting our service we were offering a “special menu for Syotai-Biyori members”, but we were receiving a lot of claims: people couldn’t believe that such a “discount” (one complimentary meal) could be possible within high level restaurants. What was the catch? Some members were suggesting that some restaurants use cheaper ingredients for Syotai-Biyori members compared to the grand menu of the restaurant. To avoid misunderstanding, we made a decision to offer a prix-fix menu the same with a grand menu of the restaurant. So you always can see for yourself! Visit restaurant home page or check menu when you came to the restaurant.
Enjoy your dinner and one complimentary meal.

Can I expect a high level of service?

Yes, you can expect the highest hospitality. You will likely receive even better care than other customers. One free meal is provided by a restaurant—considered an expense for advertising—so the restaurant management team will do their best to provide great customer service to ensure that you come back.

Can I use Syotai-Biyori without membership?

Our service is available only for members. To become a members click here.

Can I enjoy Syotai-Biyori complimentary offers if I contact a partner restaurant directly to make a reservation?

Our complimentary offer is available for our members ONLY when the reservation is made through the Syotai-Biyori reservation desk or online via Syotai-Biyori home page.
Note that this promotion will not NOT be available if you make a reservation directly to a restaurant.
For more detailed information check How to use Syotai-Biyori Services.


How I can become a member?

How much is a membership?

Our annual 12-month membership priced at 33,000 yen (and 39,600 yen for a corporate member) entitles you to lots of privileges, you won’t find anywhere else! No Admission Fee! The membership installment can be paid on monthly or annual basis.

What do I get with my membership?

As a Syotai-Biyori Privilege Club member, you can use English-Language assistance and enjoy exclusive membership privileges: when you make a reservation for a party of two or more (including yourself) and order the same course menu, one of your party will not be charged for his or her meal. We also offer a 50% discount at some Japanese hotels.
*A Group Plan and a Repeater Plan are available at some restaurants.

What are some additional benefits of being Syotai-Biyori member?

Our special complimentary service can be used once per each restaurant during each 6 month period. We also offer a Repeater Plan which is available through our membership at some restaurants.
If you want to visit the same venue more than once during one period, repeater Plan offers special benefits for Syotai-Biyori members such as discounts, welcome drinks, complementary desserts, etc. The offer varies depending on the restaurant, please contact the reservation desk for more details.
* Repeater benefits are available only when the reservation is made through the Syotai-Biyori reservation desk.

Can other people use my membership to make booking?

Only the membership cardholder can make booking.
* In case of corporate membership all company employees can make reservations. Corporate members are also limited to one complimentary meal per each restaurant every 6 month period.

Will my membership be renewed automatically?

Yes, your membership will be automatically renewed. You can cancel any time to stop it being renewed.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, just submit a cancelation request on our home page (Contact Us). Or make a call to the member service center. Your membership will remain active until the current billing period ends, then we stop your membership.
* Member Service Center: 03-6658-4543 (Mon. – Fri., 9:30AM – 17:30PM)

! Please note that, if you chose to terminate membership from your personal account, you will not be able to continue to use Syotai-Biyori services as your personal information will be deleted from our databases immediately even if your membership has not yet expired.


Does it cost anything to make a booking?

Syotai-Biyori doesn't charge you a booking fee. You simply pay the restaurant for your meal after you have dined in the restaurant.

How I can make a reservation?

Simply search for your dining choice from one of two hundreds restaurants on the Syotai-Biyori homepage. Then click on the “Make Reservation” button, select your desired booking time and party size and press the “Complete Reservation” button.
For phone reservation just contact our reservation desk at 0120-88-3685.
We will send you a reservation confirmation email after we will check restaurant availability.

If your reservation was confirmed, just mention your name to the restaurant host and enjoy dining at the selected restaurant and special membership privileges on the day of reservation.
* Please note, only Syotai-Biyori members can make a reservation through our service and get special membership privileges.

How do you confirm a reservation?

We use email or Fax to confirm the booking to the member and to notify the restaurant for member’s reservation. You can also check the status of reservation from “my page” when logging in.

Are reservations always possible?

For the last few years we have had a high success rate in confirming reservations. When you book in advance you have more advantage to get your desired table. In some cases, such as when a restaurant is fully booked, we cannot accommodate your reservation request. If we can't confirm your reservation, please consider another day or time for your booking.

* Phone reservation is available during our business hours. Online reservation can be made at any time. If your reservation was made during non-working days we notify you about the result of your reservation request on the next business day.

Can I make as much reservations as I want?

Make as many reservations as you want! The only limitation is that you can use our complementary service once per each restaurant during a 6 month period. (April-September or October-March periods)
※Corporate members may not book more than once the same restaurant in each period. (Even if the reservation is made by a different employee. You can check the reservation history if you login into your corporate account).
* However, as Syotai-Biyori Gourmet Service and the Group Plan are separately counted , one member can make reservations for both at any particular restaurant during Each period.

We now have about 200 of the finest restaurants in Japan, so you can get one complimentary course menu at each restaurant. Also more then that each 6 month period you can book it again!
* We are always adding new restaurants and always strive to provide new unmatched privileges!

How far in advance I can make a reservation?

Depending on the restaurants own policy, for some restaurants you can make reservations from 3 months in advance up to reservation on the day. You can call the reservation desk for more details (0120-88-3685).

We strongly recommend to make a reservation at least 3 days in advance as we need time to process your request. In some cases if the restaurant is fully booked, we can not accommodate your reservation request. So if you book in advance you have more of an advantage to getting your desired table.

What do I do when I arrive to the restaurant?

The restaurant will already know about your booking and that you are a Syotai-Biyori member. Just tell your name to the restaurant host and enjoy your meal and one free-of-charge course menu provided by the restaurant.
* In case of using Group Plan, two course menus will be served free-of –charge.
* The course menu does not include drinks and additional side dishes. Please pay for these separately.

Do I pay Syotai-Biyori or do I pay at the restaurant for my meal?

You pay the restaurant for your meal. The dining experience is exactly the same as you booked directly with the restaurant. The difference is that you make a reservation for at least two diners (including yourself) and one of your party will not be charged for his or her course menu.

How do I cancel the booking? (Cancellation fee)

To cancel your reservation, please call to the reservation desk (0120-88-3685).
We strongly recommend you to make all changes or cancellations at least 3 days in advance.
Please note:
* If you change or cancel your reservation less than 3 days in advance or fail to attend the restaurant on the date of the reservation without contacting us beforehand to change or cancel your reservation, you may be subject to a cancellation fee (determined according to each restaurants own policy).
The cancelation fee can be up to 100% from the predetermined course menu price. The cancellation fee is calculated as follows: Cancellation fee =(predetermined course menu price)× (cancelation fee of a restaurant, it could be from 0% up to 100%) × (size of your party minus one). The cancellation fee of your desired restaurant will be also written in your “Reservation Confirmation Email”.

* Please, contact us during business days to make or change your reservation. The reservation desk is closed on holidays and weekends. To make a cancelation in advance contact us during the previous business day.

What happened if I will be late for the scheduled sitting time?

If you have not arrived within 15 minutes of scheduled sitting time, a restaurant reserves the right to cancel your booking and give your table to other guests.
The Syotai-Biyori reservation desk will try to contact you by phone and in case you are on the way to the restaurant, hold the table for you. Please contact our reservation desk, if you are going to be late. We will do our best to hold the table for you!

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