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Nakasukawabata Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Japanese Restaurant ISHIDA (日本料理 石田)
(Area: Nakasukawabata)
Ishida offers local specialties and seasonal ingredients from Fukuoka and all over Japan. Every dish is prepared with love to bring out the best possible flavor. Please come to enjoy taste of seasons.
MIYANAKA (焼肉 みやなか)
(Area: Nakasukawabata)
Located next to Nakasu Hondori Yakiniku restaurant offers premium Kyushu A5 rank beef and fine Sake. We are open to provide a wonderful time for you, private dining for special occasions.
MASUMIZU (割烹・鮨 ます水)
MASUMIZU (割烹・鮨 ます水)  (Kappo, Sushi)
(Area: Nakasukawabata)
We offer the best of traditional Japanese cuisine to make you enjoy the four seasons in a relaxing atmosphere and savor sashimi and food prepared with fresh seasonal vegetables and fish.
restaurante del mar
restaurante del mar  (Italian)
(Area: Nakasukawabata)
Welcome to restaurante del mar in Nakasu offering Italian cuisine prepared using carefully selected Kyushu and Italian ingredients. Please enjoy to your heart’s content Italian cuisine from our chef who dedicated over 10 years to master authentic cooking technics in Italy.
Hakata no Ohka Honten (はかたの桜華 本店)
(Area: Nakasukawabata)
Kisyou group carefully selects and purchases Kobe cattle of the heights quality. We offer delicious A5 rank Kobe beef Teppanyaki. Please enjoy sweet Kobe beef, perfect for your special occasions.
5 restaurant(s) out of 1-5restaurant(s) 1

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