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Sannomiya Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Washuzen KAN (和酒膳 寛)
(Area: Sannomiya)
Please enjoy the real natural taste of ingredients, try our special sashimi assortment from the chef. We took time and effort to bring out the maximum taste of a selected ingredients, enjoy your meal to your heart’s content.
KOBE STEAK Tsubasa Honten
KOBE STEAK Tsubasa Honten  (Teppanyaki, Meat)
(Area: Sannomiya)
All wines, including high-end ones, can be enjoyed by the glass. Enjoy carefully selected ingredients, Kuroge Wagyu Beef Steak, and famous Raclette cheese.
Kobe Beef Steak, Teppanyaki Setsugekka Honten (神戸牛ステーキ鉄板焼 雪月花 本店)
(Area: Sannomiya)
We introduce the taste of Kobe Beef since 1999. The chef will grill dishes in front of your eyes on a large iron plate. Please enjoy with all five senses Kobe beef's beauty, sounds, fragrance, and chef's skills.
Steakland Yamasaki (ステーキランド山崎)
(Area: Sannomiya)
The chef grills the finest Kobe beef and abalone in front of your eyes. Enjoy a luxurious time with your loved ones in a chic and sophisticated atmosphere.
Kobe entrecot
Kobe entrecot  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Sannomiya)
A hideaway restaurant, loved by celebrities from all over the world, offers all counter seats next to iron plate to make you enjoy the thrill of cooking performance by our professional chef in front of your eyes. Recommended for anniversaries and special occasions with your loved ones.
Teppanyaki Dining CARMIA
Teppanyaki Dining CARMIA  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Sannomiya)
Most of the cooking is done on the iron plate in front of your eyes. Juicy fragrance, rising flames. We recommend with confidence our best secret ingredients. Please enjoy the top beef brand “Kobe beef”.
6 restaurant(s) out of 1-6restaurant(s) 1

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