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Irifune Odawara Eki-Mae (入船 小田原駅前店)
(Area: Odawara)
This large seafood restaurant is located on three floors. We provide farm-fresh ingredients directly from the production area. Enjoy a relaxing time with famous sake from all over Japan.
Steak House Kanai Odawara Ekimae (ステーキハウス金井 小田原駅前店)
(Area: Odawara)
We are particular about locally produced and locally consumed ingredients such as fresh pesticide-free vegetables that are unique to Odawara and fresh seafood directly from Hayakawa Port. Please enjoy Soshu beef called a dream beef for the main course.
Wabo Teppan HASHIBAMI (和房鉄板 榛)
Wabo Teppan HASHIBAMI (和房鉄板 榛)  (Japanese cuisine ・ Teppanyaki)
(Area: Odawara)
The counter seats, where you can enjoy the craftsmanship on the iron plate and the conversation with the chef, are the special seats that we are proud of. Please enjoy dishes that makes full use of all senses brings pleasure to the tongue, and the specially selected sake.
3 restaurant(s) out of 1-3restaurant(s) 1

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