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KOCHI Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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TKUGETSUROU (得月楼)  (Japanese)
(Area: KOCHI)
Feel history and traditional Japanese culture, and enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine made with abundant seasonal ingredients at a long-established restaurant that was the setting for Tomiko Miyao's novel The Geisha.
(Area: KOCHI)
Please enjoy to your heart's content our numerous specialties at a round table. The Mandarin Court provides two private rooms that can accommodate up to 18 and 30 people.
(Area: KOCHI)
Pure natural local ingredients prepared in the best possible way to maximize flavors from chef in love with Tosa. Enjoy traditions of Tosa through memorable dining experience and “Beku cup", "Hashi-ken" parlor play.
Italian restaurant LaVita
Italian restaurant LaVita  (Intalian)
(Area: KOCHI)
The restaurant is located on the basement floor in a stylish building on the south side of "Ohashi-dori" in center of Kochi. Enjoy to your heart's content space of "relaxation" and "hospitality" and Italian Tosa cuisine rich in natural Kochi ingredients.
4 restaurant(s) out of 1-4restaurant(s) 1

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