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Kitashinchi Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Beef Steak KOMATSUYA (網焼ビフテキ 小松屋)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
The relaxing atmosphere and Art Nouveau style of a dining space set off by the warm lighting and wooden furniture. Enjoy a genuine taste of properly cooked beef steak with natural salt and pepper.
Teppanyaki & Restaurant Bar Caro
(Area: Kitashinchi)
Enjoy a special atmosphere like in black and white movies and high-quality Kurogewagyu beef Teppanyaki made with carefully selected ingredients from all over the country perfectly complemented by fine wine from our sommelier.
DANSHIN (暖心)  (Japanese)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
Relax in a stylish and simple atmosphere made in European elegant style. A popular place for an adult clientele to savor Japanese cuisine made with carefully selected seasonal ingredients perfectly complemented by sake.
A le Soleil
A le Soleil  (French)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
Well established restaurant to admire sophisticated French at a peaceful street. Enjoy visual presentation and flavors of numerous artfully plated creations from Chef Koji Ogawa perfectly complimented by Grand Crus wine.
KOBE STEAK Tsubasa Kitashinchi
KOBE STEAK Tsubasa Kitashinchi  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
We welcome you to enjoy at the special counter seats the scent of sizzling premium ingredients, such as abalone and live spiny lobster from the fish preserve, grilling in front of your eyes, complimented by fine wines from France.
Shunji Kikyo (旬喰 桔梗)
Shunji Kikyo (旬喰 桔梗)  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
Please enjoy the Japanese cuisine prepared with seasonal feeling using fresh ingredients purchased daily and Teppanyaki made with a premium beef and carefully selected ingredients. Time goes slow in a cozy restaurant, a recommended place for a dinner with your special someone.
Nikusai Sorasora (肉菜 宙空)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
Just 3 minutes’ walk from Kitashinchi station. Enjoy A5 grade Japanese black beef in a refined sparkling space. Have a relaxing time and explore all sorts of different cuts of Wagyu.
Omotenashi Chaya Showsen (おもてなし茶屋 咲扇)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
The owner-chef has polished his skills in Kyoto. Enjoy a variety of dishes that have been carefully prepared one by one with the time and effort of Kyoto cuisine that feels the four seasons.
Kitashinchi HONOKAWA (北新地 穂の河)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
The interior of the store has been created as a relaxing space with attention to detail. We offer dishes that challenge newness while keeping in mind the traditional Japanese cuisine. Carefully selected plates, please enjoy with all your five senses
9 restaurant(s) out of 1-9restaurant(s) 1

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