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CHUNAGON Sennichimae Mirakukan (活 伊勢海老料理 中納言 千日前味楽館)
(Area: Namba)
Iseebi (spiny lobster) - a delicious gift from the sea. All natural. Chunagon is the restaurant chain specialized in Iseebi cuisine. We prepare iseebi to create special experience you cannot find anywhere else. Please enjoy a variety of dishes and the essence of living goodness, flavor, crisp and balanced exquisite taste.
brasserie RINASCE
brasserie RINASCE  (Casual French)
(Area: Namba)
We make use of "good ingredients", "good heat" and "good seasonings" with a playful presentation. We offer relief and warmth. Please enjoy your meal in a wonderful space finished in white with “Tiffany Blue”.
2 restaurant(s) out of 1-2restaurant(s) 1

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