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Shinsaibashi Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Vermillon MAHOROBA
Vermillon MAHOROBA  (French)
(Area: Shinsaibashi)
Enjoy authentic French cuisine made with safe ingredients from known producers in a stylish, adult setting.
Vingt-cinq BLANCHE
Vingt-cinq BLANCHE  (French)
(Area: Shinsaibashi)
Well-established French restaurant located in Shinsaibashi, the largest shopping area in Osaka where many boutiques and brand shops are gathered. Please enjoy to your heart content a white classic interior, ultimate hospitality, and fresh rich taste of dishes.
(Area: Shinsaibashi)
We offer French cuisine that takes time and effort to bring out the taste of ingredients in private rooms of Guest House O SEIRYU. We use plenty of seasonal ingredients and finish every dish with a classy touch. Have a memorable time.
Espace MAKOTO  (Franch)
(Area: Shinsaibashi)
Relax and eat. Enjoy with chopsticks, simple, always new French cuisine. We offer dishes that make you feel happy in any occasion, of course, birthdays and anniversaries.
4 restaurant(s) out of 1-4restaurant(s) 1

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