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Shikkui Nomura (四季喰のむら)
(Area: Temma)
Published in Michelin Guide Hyogo 2016 edition. The restaurant offers Japanese food with a focus on handmade Tofu and Yuba (soy-milk skin). The interior, beautiful table settings and an artistic glass window created with the image of a Japanese garden will make you feel Japanese spirit. Please enjoy the beauty of Japan with your five senses.
MAGURO NO TATSUJIN Tenjin(鮪達人 天神店)
(Area: Temma)
We use plenty of raw tuna that exists in only 10% of Japan to offer a full course with fatty and medium-fatty parts of bluefin tuna, the finest quality tuna in Japan. Enjoy a high-class raw tuna full-course with Japanese, Western, and Chinese essences in a superior space.
2 restaurant(s) out of 1-2restaurant(s) 1

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