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Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Restaurant Re:
Restaurant Re:  (French)
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
We mix ingredients and food culture of various parts of Japan with French cooking art and style. We would appreciate it if you could rediscover (Re:) discover the wonderful food culture around you.
Teppanyaki ICHIKA (鉄板焼 いちか)
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
The Ichika offers not only Japanese beef of the highest quality, but also fresh seafood such as lobster or abalone. Enjoy a chef's performance and relax either at the main counter seating or at the private VIP counter or cozy sofas.
Ebisu HOSHI (恵比寿ほし)
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
Have you ever felt that you want to eat more vegetables with sushi? The Hoshi offers the original concept of creating a new menu by adding seasonal vegetables that have many benefits for your health. The chef uses traditional Japanese cooking techniques to offer delicious yet healthy Japanese dishes and sushi.
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
Just three minutes’ walk from Jiyugaoka station to forget about hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy Japanese cuisine at well-build restaurant. Delicious and gentle Japanese cuisine cooked with carefully selected seasonal ingredients in the best timeous manner.
Ebisu Kyoshizuku  (恵比寿 京しずく)
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
Located in Tokyo Ebisu, a wonderful and quiet place with the atmosphere of real Kyoto to experience the story of Kyoto cuisine served dish by dish by our chef. Please enjoy the delicious story of Kyoto, which will start once you step inside the Ebisu Kyoshizuku restaurant.
FUKUNOYA (しゃぶ焼 ふくのや)
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
"Shabu-yaki" Fukunoya is located just a 2-minute walk from Ebisu station. The restaurant with concept is “Shabu-yaki", offering you to grill Japanese produce Tora Fugu, Taraba and Snow Crab by yourself. Simple cooking method maximize the natural flavours. Enjoy!
Restaurant Hiromichi
Restaurant Hiromichi  (French)
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
Making full use of delicious ingredients from each region and implementing cooking methods unique to Japan, but not limited to classics, we offer an original and ingenious menu in a relaxing space. Recommended for anniversaries, birthdays, business dinners, and special occasions.
ristorante scintilla
ristorante scintilla  (Italian)
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
The restaurant is located on the basement floor of the GARDEN, a shop complex facing the road. Upscale hideout for adult clientele. Enjoy the exquisite and innovative cuisine developed by the former chef of Ristorante Felicita in Omotesando.
8 restaurant(s) out of 1-8restaurant(s) 1

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