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Omotesando/Shibuya Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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gatou (雅灯)
gatou (雅灯)  (Japanese)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Located in Omotesando, Aoyama. Gatou is a modern interpretation of a traditional Japanese restaurant. Enjoy the world of handed-down Japanese cuisine led by the changing of seasons.
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
According to the Greek mythology Elysium is a place of ideal happiness, paradise on the Earth. The Elysion House promises a unique romantic experience, genuine hospitality and original dishes made with the finest fresh ingredients.
HAYAMA-AN Tokyo (葉山庵 Tokyo)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
A gorgeous main dining space and a fresh wind from the pool side. In addition to a fancy atmosphere guests can enjoy the delicate taste of Natural French dishes made with fresh seafood from Sagami Sea, Kanagawa prefecture, and fresh-farm vegetables.
La Rochelle Minami Aoyama
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
"An enjoyable meal" starts from a single dish and spreads from there. We try to invent the most delicious dishes by using the freshest ingredients and working with what is freshest during each season. "We are in constant pursuit of great divine dishes and the happiness of our guests. Express yourself through each dish...." chef said. The restaurant where the guest can enjoy themselves at their own pace and get exactly what they want.
MITSUYOSHI (みつ芳)  (Japanese)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Mitsuyoshi secret, members-only, restaurant offers the warm sincere reception for special customers. Enjoy a natural taste of carefully selected high quality ingredients and excellent hospitality.
Lounge BAR Nights
Lounge BAR Nights  (Dining bar)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Enjoy an elegant atmosphere of the Ryokan-style dining bar. The Nights offers a wide choice of alcoholic beverages and dishes served in special Japanese boxes to provide a memorable night experience.
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Terres de Truffes first opened in Nice and Paris, France and then Tokyo. The restaurant offers a delicious truffle dishes to bring the best taste of the highest quality truffles for your enjoyment.
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Located just few steps away from Aoyama Street. Enjoy a variety of fine Champagne from a cellar and the elegant ambience of a dining space.
Aoyama GYUSAI (青山 牛彩)
Aoyama GYUSAI (青山 牛彩)  (Teppanyaki, Shabu-Shabu)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
The great place to taste a variety of colorful Japanese dishes prepared with freshest ingredients of each season. Relaxing atmosphere, authentic Japanese taste and food from all over the country, Chefs’ performance and excellent service will make your party, anniversary or date unforgettable.
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Stylish sophisticated restaurant in Minami Aoyama offers the best cuts of premium A5 rank Japanese beef. Completely smokeless roasters, luxuries private rooms - excellent for any occasion.
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Produced by Keisuke Matsushima, the owner-chef of the one-Michelin-star restaurant for over 10 years in Nice, France. Contemporary cuisine that brings out the ultimate “Tokyo-ness” prepared with uncompromising passion.
DOMINANT  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Our friendly staff and a veteran chef will create a special night for you. Please enjoy carefully prepared selected ingredients, such as A5 rank Kuroge Wagyu beef, abalone and foie gras. sophisticated atmosphere and jazz music in the background.
One Garden Japanese Restaurant Shibuya-Sakuragaoka Branch
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
The interior of One Garden changes according to the season. Enjoy luxurious adult time, the warm atmosphere and rich taste of high quality fresh foods and ingredients.
mon atelier
mon atelier  (French・Italian)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Here you will find comfort, smooth service, and expertly prepared food — the perfect place for crafting memorable times with special people. The playful culinary cheer of our young, talented chefs meets delectable seasonal dishes —all which pair excellently with a fine selection of top wines selected by sommelier.
ristorante misola
ristorante misola  (Italian)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Located 3 minutes’ walk from Omotesando station. Enjoy luxurious space surrounded by vibrant art and food which is based on Japan's unique four seasons with a hint of misola’s artistry.
Res arcana AOYAMA
Res arcana AOYAMA  (French bistro)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
The fantastic space with waterfall flows, an oasis in a city for adult clientele. Enjoy relaxing meals and wine, great for various occasions.
Oden Kappo HIDE (おでん割烹 ひで)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
The restaurant keeps a traditional atmosphere of Hanamachi, a Japanese geisha district. please enjoy a course menu. We boast a variety of Oden, as well as sashimi, grilled and fried dishes in the clam ambience of Oden Kappo HIDE.
17 restaurant(s) out of 1-17restaurant(s) 1

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