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GMT Italian Restaurant
GMT Italian Restaurant  (Italian)
(Area: Zhongshan)
GMT Italian Restaurant was presented with the double honors including the Best Luxury Restaurant Bar as well as the Fine Dining Cuisine of the 2018 World Luxury Restaurant Awards, the Italian chef uses a lot of local quality vegetables and fruits, together with Mayfull’s stringently selected premium food ingredients, insists on traditional Italian culinary skills to create authentic and delicious Italian cuisines.
MIPON  (Taiwanese)
(Area: Zhongshan)
One star restaurant “MIPON” insists in the authentic flavors of Taiwanese cuisines to pursue the classic tastes during its preparations while searching for new ideas for the appearances, and its strong flavors. Mipon Taiwanese Cuisine inherit the nostalgic deliciousness on the tip of the tongue with sophisticated “signature dishes” and “rich people’s dishes” which are particular about the ingredients, allowing one to experience the everlasting sense of the human touch.
GAUCHO Restaurant
GAUCHO Restaurant  (Argentine)
(Area: Zhongshan)
Located near popular tourist attractions such as the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and the Yuanshan Flower Expo, GAUCHO restaurant specializes in classic Argentine cuisine. The restaurant introduces a traditional Argentine oven "Parrilla" to slow-roast Argentine beef, with the focus on the freshness of the ingredients and minimal seasoning. The result is a tender, smoky steak with a rich flavor. In addition, the restaurant offers a selection of Argentine red wines to complement the dishes. GAUCHO is the perfect place to enjoy a taste of authentic Argentine cuisine and spend a relaxing time with family and friends.
3 restaurant(s) out of 1-3 restaurant(s)

*Japanese only.