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AICHI Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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CHEF MURAI  (Western Cuisine)
(Area: Fushimi/Marunouchi/Hisayaoodoori)
Enjoy the new genre "French Bistro" from Murai Chef famous in the Western food world in Nagoya. New menu offers the classic special omelet rice and the chef's specialty demi-glace sauce.
Bel Cielo
Bel Cielo  (Italian)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
Please enjoy authentic Italian with plenty of local ingredients: fish and shellfishes from near fishing ports and fresh vegetables from the own vegetable garden. We also recommend a wine pairing carefully selected by our chef. We welcome you for anniversaries and special occasions.
(Area: Around Nagoya Station)
The restaurant dinning space is surrounded by nature, conveniently located just 5 minutes’ walk from Nagoya Station. Please enjoy a retreat in a relaxing ambience of Lazor Garden Dining offering supreme menu including the finest steaks. Recommended for a dinner with your special someone.
LA ETERNITA  (French・Italian)
(Area: Around Nagoya Station)
A stylish space with a ceiling height of 6m and glass walls enhance a special dining experience. Plenty of seasonal ingredients and delicacy of French cuisine, incorporated beautifully in every dish. Please enjoy inspiration we gained from the season.
a.ligne  (French)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
Created with a passion to deliver "the original taste of vegetables", we offer delicate and rich French cuisine prepared with completely pesticide-free organic vegetables produced on our own farm. Please enjoy over 120 kinds of wines, mainly from France, carefully selected by sommeliers.
Nagoya Cochin TORISHIGE (名古屋コーチン鳥しげ)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
Nagoya Cochin TORISHIGE offers fresh, butchered-that-morning Nagoya Cochin chicken and dishes made from Aichi ingredients: seasonings, seasonal vegetables, and seafood. For dinnerware the restaurant uses traditional Tokonameaki and Seto-yaki earthenware. Enjoy Aichi!
cinq  (French)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
We work together as a team, including farmers. We make every dish with great care and offer the best space to our customers. Enjoy stories of four seasons born from five elements: cooking, service, equipment, space and pairing.
27 restaurant(s) out of 21-27restaurant(s) |≪ 1 2

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