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FUKUOKA Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Solaria Resort Ship MARIERA
Solaria Resort Ship MARIERA  (World gourmet)
(Area: Gofukumachi)
Memorable dining experience on the ocean: supreme food, high-quality modern space and live music, etc. will make you feel like in a resort. Enjoy international cuisine prepared with local ingredients from Kyushu.
Nishinakasu Niichi (西中洲 にいち)
Nishinakasu Niichi (西中洲 にいち)  (Japanese (Creative Cuisine))
(Area: Nishinakasu)
Restaurant specialty, a duck soup with extraordinary compatibility of soup stock, is a great dish to enjoy the taste of duck. Nishinakasu Niichi offers a variety of dishes with plenty of seasonal ingredients. Enjoy.
Ryuen Nishinakasu (龍園 西中洲店)
(Area: Nishinakasu)
Ryuen is the only restaurant in Fukuoka City where you can enjoy authentic, exquisitely marbled Kobe beef. Here you can try a Ryuen original aging method "freezing aging" which brings an umami of meat to the new level. Please enjoy the pinnacle of Japanese beef in a nice ambience with a view of Naka River.
Yakiniku Nishinakasu Rakutora (焼肉 西中洲 楽久虎)
(Area: Nishinakasu)
We choose the best local ingredients with the idea of “Eat on the land this food was grown is absolutely delicious”. Enjoy a Korean Yakiniku (grilled meat) prepared with Japanese standards.
restaurante del mar
restaurante del mar  (Italian)
(Area: Nakasukawabata)
Welcome to restaurante del mar in Nakasu offering Italian cuisine prepared using carefully selected Kyushu and Italian ingredients. Please enjoy to your heart’s content Italian cuisine from our chef who dedicated over 10 years to master authentic cooking technics in Italy.
Hakata no Ohka Honten (はかたの桜華 本店)
(Area: Nakasukawabata)
Kisyou group carefully selects and purchases Kobe cattle of the heights quality. We offer delicious A5 rank Kobe beef Teppanyaki. Please enjoy sweet Kobe beef, perfect for your special occasions.
(Area: Kitakyushu)
The restaurant name Osteria Italo means "a place to easily enjoy Italian food and wine." We offer fish dishes from the chef who likes fishing and carefully selected meat dishes perfectly complimented with delicious wine.
(Area: Kitakyushu)
The owner directly purchases ingredients from farmers, which he felt “the best”. He offers dishes to cherish the season. Please enjoy the food with natural wine "bio-wine", made as natural as possible from organically grown grapes.
Live & Grill beyond
Live & Grill beyond  (Grilled)
(Area: Kitakyushu)
We offer an authentic steak grill, grand piano and various live performances. There is an indoor and outdoor bar counter on the top floor open terrace. After a hearty grill, you can enjoy a drink with a night view and the night breeze.
Red flamma
Red flamma  (Contemporary Grill)
(Area: Tenjin)
A restaurant where you can enjoy the luxury of NY-style contemporary grill cuisine such as meat grilled on a dedicated lava rock grill, seasonal fish, and a voluminous salad. Great for all occasions.
La Cascade
La Cascade  (French)
(Area: Tenjin)
Located in Nishitetsu Grand Hotel, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. We offer loved by many customers since the opening Omar Thermidor and Beef Stew. Enjoy traditional gems even when the times change.
Asagi (浅黄)
Asagi (浅黄)  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Tenjin)
We offer a fusion of French cuisine elements unique to hotels and Teppanyaki prepared with carefully selected beef such as Imari beef, served in a calm space with a private feeling. Please choose from our wine cellar on the wall wines from all over the world.
32 restaurant(s) out of 21-32restaurant(s) |≪ 1 2

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