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HOKKAIDO Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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(Area: Sapporo)
This is the ultimate restaurant where chefs do farming, food production, breeding, processing, cooking themselves. They grow vegetables in Sapporo Kobetsuzawa surrounded by nature and keep livestock. We pursue the prepare and serve a plate we are satisfied with ourselves.
(Area: Sapporo)
We bring the natural flavors, taste, and complexity of the rich ingredients. Enjoy French cuisine with your five senses at TATEOKA TAKESHI.
L'ORANGE  (French)
(Area: Sapporo)
A counter only French restaurant offers plenty of refined ingredients from around Hokkaido where the chef is from. Please enjoy the space where you can feel the heat and flavors of cooking directly.
Ryoriya botan
Ryoriya botan  (Italian)
(Area: Sapporo)
Japanese-Italian restaurant that combines Japanese and Western cuisine, focusing on seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido. Senior sommeliers and Japanese sake masters prepare a large selection of sake, wine, champagne, and original craft beer, so you can enjoy an unpretentious meals.
Sushi Shikura (寿司 しくら)
(Area: Sapporo)
Enjoy the skillful work of our chef at the counter seat with a bar-style adult atmosphere. Try recommended seasonal dishes prepared using the best ingredients of the day, a variety of hand-grip sushi, and sake and wine to complement the dishes.
25 restaurant(s) out of 21-25restaurant(s) |≪ 1 2

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