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TOKYO Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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The Momentum by Porsche
The Momentum by Porsche  (French · innovation)
(Area: Shimbashi/Akasaka)
This restaurant is adjacent to the Porsche Showroom on the first floor of Shiodome City Center. We prepare dishes using carefully selected ingredients and French and Italian cooking techniques. Please enjoy Porsche wines that you can only try here and wines from all over the world.
Yakitori Ginza I (焼鳥 銀座 井)
Yakitori Ginza I (焼鳥 銀座 井)  (Japanese ・ Yakitori)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Our chef polished his skills in the Roppongi restaurant noted in the world gastronomy guidebook for 3 consecutive years, became the first Chef in New York "Torishin", and got one star is in Ginza. Please enjoy the original skewers and dishes that make full use of charcoal fire and various cooking methods using brand chicken carefully selected from all over Japan and seasonal ingredients from all over the world.
Ginza Escoffier (銀座エスコフィエ)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
A restaurant founded in 1950 that officially bears the name of Auguste Escoffier, who is said to be the "father of French cuisine". Enjoy a variety of dishes that connects the new possibilities and traditions of French cuisine to the next generation and while faithfully adhering to traditional cooking methods.
Ginza SEIRAN (銀座 聖藍)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Ginza Seiran serving genuine Japanese cuisine in Ginza, keeping the disappearing Japanese food culture by mastering the essence of food, dinnerware, shape, and hospitality. Enjoy the authentic taste created by Mr. Hatta, the chef who has been polishing his skills at Tsukiji Aitei and Kioicho Aizumi for a long time.
ristorante scintilla
ristorante scintilla  (Italian)
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
The restaurant is located on the basement floor of the GARDEN, a shop complex facing the road. Upscale hideout for adult clientele. Enjoy the exquisite and innovative cuisine developed by the former chef of Ristorante Felicita in Omotesando.
145 restaurant(s) out of 141-145restaurant(s) |≪ 3 4 5 6 7 8

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