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Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Restaurant Loire
Restaurant Loire  (French)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
A luxurious blend of the hotel's main dining elegance and the essence of modernity. We will provide a memorable experience with food, wine, conversation, and hospitality that will satisfy all your needs.
CHORYUBO (晁隆房)  (Chinese, Chaozhou Seafood cuisine)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
To enjoy truly delicious food. Excellent taste of Haute Chinese, Chaozhou seafood cuisine at the Choryubo will leave you completely satisfied. The huge seawater tank and leading chefs master various delicate techniques to provide every dish prepared according to your taste.
Japanese restaurant TSUTAMO (料亭 蔦茂)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
Japanese cooking traditions has been developed over the centuries at Tsutamo, we are dedicated to share this experience with all our guests. Each of Japan's four seasons brings a hue, a flavor and a feeling an essence that we embrace and combined in each and every dish we create. Our traditional Japanese style atmosphere, elegant rooms provide a relaxed and quiet dining experience for you and your loved ones.
Bel Cielo
Bel Cielo  (Italian)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
Please enjoy authentic Italian with plenty of local ingredients: fish and shellfishes from near fishing ports and fresh vegetables from the own vegetable garden. We also recommend a wine pairing carefully selected by our chef. We welcome you for anniversaries and special occasions.
cinq  (French)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
We work together as a team, including farmers. We make every dish with great care and offer the best space to our customers. Enjoy stories of four seasons born from five elements: cooking, service, equipment, space and pairing.
Sushi and Japanese food,Serge Gen's, Nishiki 5F (鮨 日本料理 Serge源's 錦店 5階)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
Great Sushi prepared by a master chef and lots of seafood and traditional Japanese food in a season. Please enjoy a warm reception of Okami and wholehearted hospitality, at the specious counter made of a precious piece of cypress from Shikinen Sengu or in a calm private room.
Ryotei Kitokito(料亭 きときと)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
The restaurant is recommended for anniversaries and celebrations, special events, and various banquets. There is a beautiful Japanese garden inside the restaurant. Forget bout the hustle and bustle of the city in a completely private space of a traditional Japanese house. We are waiting for you with seasonal ingredients from Toyama Bay, Ise Bay, Mikawa Bay, etc.
Chihara Sushi (ちはら寿し)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
After working in the famous Sakae's sushi restaurant, the chef opened his own restaurant making use of 15 years of training experience and personal connections. Enjoy fresh ingredients purchased at the market every day, and the exquisite well-balanced taste of local rise and vinegar. Regular customers often come back in search of that taste. You can easily order fresh sashimi of the fish which usually you can not try raw.
8 restaurant(s) out of 1-8restaurant(s) 1

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