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Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
A famous restaurant in Milan, the second restaurant in Italy to gain three stars. It is the only overseas restaurant where you can enjoy the delicate yet original artistic cuisine of the genius chef Ezio Santin.
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
The flavor of abalone grown on the kelp and wakame seaweed of the North Sea is rich and full-bodied. In order to maximize the flavor of the abalone, only live abalone is used. We have a wide variety of dishes on our menu, so you can enjoy abalone dishes throughout the four seasons.
chez MACIO
chez MACIO  (French)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Enjoy a relaxing time in a resort-like atmosphere. In addition to the 12 types of cheese fondue, you can also try ostrich meat and game dishes.
Mezzanine  (French)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
On the spacious floor of the restaurant, which is designed to resemble a museum that you can easily visit, enjoy gorgeous and artistic modern classic French cuisine created by our expert chefs while admiring old Meissen and vintage silverware.
Raj Mahal Ginza
Raj Mahal Ginza  (Royal Indian Cuisine)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Enjoy the beauty of Indian traditional interior and a luxury atmosphere of a top-class Indian restaurant in sparkling Ginza. Feel yourself like you are in a little Maharaja’s palace. Only organic ingredients are carefully selected to bring the real taste of royal Indian cuisine.
l'Odorante par MinoruNakijin
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
The chef has added a Japanese sensibility to classic French cuisine, and his taste is fresh and unexpected. Enjoy French cuisine based on a sense of the seasons in a natural and unpretentious way.
Ginza Kappo RISEN (銀座割烹 里仙)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Enjoy the supreme cuisine that makes the best use of seasonal ingredients. Enjoy sophisticated presentation and the carefully selected tableware.
JWC 2nd Avenue GINZA
JWC 2nd Avenue GINZA  (Dining Bar)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
A hidden bar in Ginza. A spacious and elegant atmosphere. Enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and a variety of dishes.
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
This is a famous restaurant where you can enjoy dishes and wines that make the most of the ingredients and nutrients of each product that cannot be obtained in our daily lives. Please spend a happy time in the calm atmosphere.
Japanese Restaurant Ginza Ishizuka (日本料理 銀座いしづか)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
The Ishizuka restaurant offers the best dishes and carefully selected seasonal ingredients from owner-chef Ishizuka Tadashi who started from “Fukudaya” restaurant in Kioi-cho and polished his skills in such restaurants like "Banreki Ryukodo" and "Wake Toku Yama". Great place to enjoy Japanese cuisine and genuine hospitality in Ginza.
SUSHI TENKAWA (鮨 天川)  (Sushi / Japanese)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
We use only natural seafood and Kyoto organic vegetables to provide a well-balanced menu.
AL KENTRE  (Italian)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
The restaurant features a spacious sitting with large windows up to the ceiling and spectacular view of night Ginza. From pasta, fish and meat dishes up to desserts enjoy a new Italian cuisine: a wide selection of specialties, perfect combinations of sauces and ingredients along with special cooking technics to bring out the "Veggies" concept.
Teppanyaki Steak Hotaru (鉄板焼 ステーキ ほたる)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Teppanyaki is a culinary experience that you can enjoy with all your senses: your eyes, your nose for the flavors, your ears for the sounds of the meat cooking, your skin for the luxurious atmosphere, and your tongue for ingredients. Please enjoy carefully selected ingredients such as foie gras from France and Kagoshima black Japanese beef.
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Food made of the finest ingredients at the peak of the season, prepared and served in the best way - is the QBE style. The restaurant purchases meat from the same trusted butcher for over 20 years and daily and carefully handpick only the best vegetables and fish directly from Toyosu market.
DAIGOMI (醍醐味)  (Japanese, Robatayaki, Kaiseki)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Nostalgic atmosphere of an old Japanese restaurant. At the DAIGOMI you can enjoy seasonal ingredients at the peak of their taste prepared and served in traditional Japanese way: Kaiseki multi-course (the equivalent of haute cuisine in Europe) and authentic Robotaya dishes. Enjoy “DAIGOMI” of the food which means “a delicious taste” in Japanese. 
IL PINOLO Ginza  (Italian)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Opened in 2001 Italian restaurant. Enjoy Local Italian cuisine contemporarily arranged and perfectly complimented by wide selection of Italian wine.
IKKYOU (粋京)  (Japanese)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
A popular hideout restaurant for an adult clientele to feel the essence of Japanese food art. Please enjoy authentic Kyoto cuisine: every dish is prepared taking the time and sparing no effort by our owner-chef polished his skills at famous Kyoto restaurants to deliver the best possible taste of ingredients.
L'enfant coeur et coeur
L'enfant coeur et coeur  (French)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Medieval European-style restaurant finished in white and ivory colors. Elegant calm space to enjoy a beautiful surprise, sophisticated French menu complimented by sommelier selected wines.
MITANIYA (室町 三谷屋)
MITANIYA (室町 三谷屋)  (Japanese)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
We carefully choose the best ingredients at the market to offer you Japanese cuisine from the master-chef. We use simple cooking technique to bring the best possible flavors. Every dish is prepared with the utmost care to make you enjoy one of its kind, unique creature.
GINZA HOU-EN (銀座 芳園)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
We offer a mix of traditional Chinese cooking techniques and various innovative ideas. Every dish is prepared with the best carefully selected ingredients and served in the western style to provide an unforgettable dining experience. Please enjoy the impeccable Ginza hospitality and a calm relaxing ambience.
54 restaurant(s) out of 1-20restaurant(s) 1 2 3 ≫|

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