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AICHI Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Restaurant Loire
Restaurant Loire  (French)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
As a hotel’s main dining space the restaurant provides a charming and elegant atmosphere. Delicious French food, wine and conversations at Restaurant Loire complemented by a superior service will become a memorable dining experience.
Restaurant Chez KOBE
Restaurant Chez KOBE  (French)
(Area: Kakuozan/Honyamacho/Yagoto)
The classic exterior of the restaurant, antique furniture from Paris, natural light comes in from big windows, a great balance of new and old. The Chez Kobe became a synonym to haute French cuisine in Nagoya. The restaurant team strives for best results to make everyone be able to say: "Good restaurant with no doubts".
(Area: Kakuozan/Honyamacho/Yagoto)
The Nomura restaurant features sophisticated private rooms as well as luxury dining settings to offer delicious and creative Japanese course menu. Enjoy artfully plated creations made of seasonal ingredients “Japanese beauty”. All dishes prepared with special cooking technics to bring out the natural taste of a season. Perfect place for a special date with your loved one or dinner parties.
RYOUTARO (龍太楼)  (Sushi, Kappo)
(Area: Kanayama/Higashibetsuin/Tsurumai)
Natural blessings - delicious food from mountains and seas, from all over Japan! The Ryoutaro combines more than 70 fresh ingredients to offer a memorable dining experience, starting from sashimi and fish dishes along with simmered and grilled dishes prepared with love for your.
moitie moitie
moitie moitie  (French)
(Area: Fushimi/Marunouchi/Hisayaoodoori)
Modern glazed building located in the historic district – Hayabashi. Enjoy French cuisine made with the best quality local vegetables and ingredients delivered fresh from the contract farmers.
Reconnaissance  (French)
(Area: Kanayama/Higashibetsuin/Tsurumai)
The chef uses his experience of working in France and Japan to make the best use of ingredients. He takes fresh vegetables and seafood to implement Japanese cooking techniques and create natural and simple dishes. Take a bit of respite and enjoy natural French cuisine.
CHORYUBO (晁隆房)  (Chinese, Chaozhou Seafood cuisine)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
To enjoy truly delicious food. Excellent taste of haute Chinese, Chaozhou seafood cuisine at the Choryubo will leave you completely satisfied. The huge seawater tank and leading chefs master various delicate techniques to provide every dish prepared according to your taste.
GASUTOU (ガス燈)  (Japanese Fusion, Creative cuisine)
(Area: Imaike/Chikusa/Ikeshita)
Subdued lights and warm atmosphere. Almost every day you can enjoy live music (Jazz etc.) performance free of charge. Wasai Saloon takes its name from a gaslight and offers you remarkable dinning experience, the best ingredients to enjoy music and a blending of Japanese and Western creative cuisines.
Japanese restaurant TSUTAMO (料亭 蔦茂)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
Japanese cooking traditions has been developed over the centuries at Tsutamo, we are dedicated to share this experience with all our guests. Each of Japan's four seasons brings a hue, a flavor and a feeling an essence that we embrace and combined in each and every dish we create. Our traditional Japanese style atmosphere, elegant rooms provide a relaxed and quiet dining experience for you and your loved ones.
Kappo Chigusa (割烹 ちぐさ)
(Area: Imaike/Chikusa/Ikeshita)
Kappo Chigusa is located on the first floor of Hotel Ruburum Ohzan, in the high class residential area. Our Chef carefully chooses the freshest seasonal ingredients. Enjoy to your heart content Japanese cuisine and a great hospitality in a calm, relaxing atmosphere.
Restaurant Embaumer
Restaurant Embaumer  (French)
(Area: Imaike/Chikusa/Ikeshita)
Restaurant Embaumer located on the 7th floor of Hotel Ruburum Ohzan, in the high class residential area. Enjoy to your heart content a delightful conversation and French cuisine prepared according to the season complimented by the great view and an airily ambience of the main dining area.
IL BEIGE  (Italian)
(Area: Around Nagoya Station)
ILBEIGE Italian restaurant offers the best of local seasonal ingredients, carefully selected from Aichi, Gifu, and Mie prefectures. Please enjoy beautifully matching table ware in a graceful and elegant space.
La TRILOGIE  (French)
(Area: Kanayama/Higashibetsuin/Tsurumai)
La TRILOGIE’s Chef goes to the market every day to ensure quality of the food supply and deliver the best possible taste of ingredients for customers smile. Please have a relaxing time with your special someone and enjoy wholeheartedly prepared French cuisine and wine.
CHEF MURAI  (Western Cuisine)
(Area: Fushimi/Marunouchi/Hisayaoodoori)
Enjoy the new genre "French Bistro" from Murai Chef famous in the Western food world in Nagoya. New menu offers the classic special omelet rice and the chef's specialty demi-glace sauce.
Bel Cielo
Bel Cielo  (Italian)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
Please enjoy authentic Italian with plenty of local ingredients: fish and shellfishes from near fishing ports and fresh vegetables from the own vegetable garden. We also recommend a wine pairing carefully selected by our chef. We welcome you for anniversaries and special occasions.
LA ETERNITA  (French・Italian)
(Area: Around Nagoya Station)
A stylish space with a ceiling height of 6m and glass walls enhance a special dining experience. Plenty of seasonal ingredients and delicacy of French cuisine, incorporated beautifully in every dish. Please enjoy inspiration we gained from the season.
cinq  (French)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
We work together as a team, including farmers. We make every dish with great care and offer the best space to our customers. Enjoy stories of four seasons born from five elements: cooking, service, equipment, space and pairing.
Washinyosai KOKORO (和心洋才 こころ)
Washinyosai KOKORO (和心洋才 こころ)  (Soft-shelled turtle cuisine・Kaiseki)
(Area: Fushimi/Marunouchi/Hisayaoodoori)
Washinyosai KOKORO standing quietly in the office street of Marunouchi. We offer the top collagen ingredients 'soft-shelled turtle' dishes, blowfish dishes and seasonal Kaiseki cuisine. We are popular among many guests from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. The restaurant is great for important business dinners, anniversaries, and for Sake-lovers.
Sushi and Japanese food,Serge Gen's, Nishiki 5F (鮨 日本料理 Serge源's 錦店 5階)
(Area: Sakae/Nishiki/Shinsakae)
Great Sushi prepared by a master chef and lots of seafood and traditional Japanese food in a season. Please enjoy a warm reception of Okami and wholehearted hospitality, at the specious counter made of a precious piece of cypress from Shikinen Sengu or in a calm private room.
19 restaurant(s) out of 1-19restaurant(s) 1

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