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FUKUOKA Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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La Rochelle Fukouka
La Rochelle Fukouka  (French)
(Area: Akasaka)
Savor a variety of French dishes and enjoy a luxury relaxing atmosphere. The La Rochelle offers artfully plated creations prepared with the best ingredients and served with the excellent hospitality.
(Area: Sakurazaka)
Just one step inside and you will find yourself in the world of elegance and traditional Japanese cuisine. Surrounded by the beauty of nature Sakurazaka restaurant offers a Kaiseki course (analog to the Western haute cuisine) made with the best seasonal ingredients and served with a genuine hospitality.
YUKI (游來)
YUKI (游來)  (Wine&Meat)
(Area: Nishinakasu)
A popular meat restaurant - hidden gem located in Nishinakasu offers a high quality Japanese beef cooked according to your request. Have a great time and enjoy delicious dishes in a stylish peaceful atmosphere.
Steak House Medium Rare (WITH THE STYLE FUKUOKA)
(Area: Hakata)
Kyushu premium Beef and local vegetables are cooked to perfection by our chefs. Please enjoy meals being prepared right in front of your eyes at our spacious counter seats.
BAR CAVALLO  (Authentic Bar)
(Area: Yakuin)
Enjoy a chef Honda special dinner in a sophisticated and luxurious space. Exquisite cocktails prepared using more than 400 different wines, over 500 different whiskeys, and fresh fruits ...
We will design a coctail tailored for your day experience.
IWAEN - CHINA GARDEN, Hakata Station (中国料理 頤和園 博多駅前店)
(Area: Hakata)
Conveniently located the IWAEN offers spectacular view over the night city from the top floor and specious dining rooms perfect for any occasions: banquets, business dinners, anniversaries, etc.
Restaurant VERT FONCÉ
Restaurant VERT FONCÉ  (French)
(Area: Hiraojosui)
Our restaurant is located on the Josui-dori next to “Josui Ryokuchi” area famous for its rich nature and clean water. We dedicate our cuisine to the concept: “To be healthy and energetic the next day”! The highest menu at a sophisticated French restaurant perfect for an adult clientele.
Japanese Ryoriya IMURI (日本の料理屋 IMURI)
(Area: Sakurazaka)
A hideaway for adults featuring seasonal foods. Spare a moment to enjoy delicious food and escape the noise of the city. Let the splendid night view charm your eyes.
Japanese Restaurant ISHIDA (日本料理 石田)
(Area: Nakasukawabata)
Ishida offers local specialties and seasonal ingredients from Fukuoka and all over Japan. Every dish is prepared with love to bring out the best possible flavor. Please come to enjoy taste of seasons.
MIYANAKA (焼肉 みやなか)
(Area: Nakasukawabata)
Located next to Nakasu Hondori Yakiniku restaurant offers premium Kyushu A5 rank beef and fine Sake. We are open to provide a wonderful time for you, private dining for special occasions.
Kyoushige (博多 きょう重)
(Area: Yakuin)
The Kyoushige boasts seasonal Kaiseki multicourse cuisine and dishes made with Fugu, Ara and soft-shelled turtles, as well as exquisite fresh high-quality Tiger Puffer. Please enjoy Fugu and seasonal specialties at the comfortable atmosphere of retro-style Japanese restaurant.
TSURURU (つる瑠)  (Japanese)
(Area: Nishinakasu)
15 years of service in Haruyoshi. Every dish is prepared from the freshest ingredients we carefully select and purchase directly from Nagahama market. We welcome you to enjoy sophisticated Japanese style restaurant, a relaxing ambience of private rooms and a high-ceilinged open space.
(Area: Nishinakasu)
Michelin Guide Sushi restaurant, nestled on the corner of Nishinakasu, adult city. Just one step inside to experience the taste of Japanese seasons and a sophisticated calm atmosphere. Please enjoy healthy food and excellent hospitality, to get energized for the next day.
ONO (桜坂)
ONO (桜坂)  (Japanese)
(Area: Sakurazaka)
Quietly nestled Japanese house-restaurant in Sakurazaka, featuring beautiful panoramic views, ONO offers the supreme ingredients and genuine Japanese hospitality. Please enjoy monthly Kaiseki multicourse dinner, stunning view and a wide selection of wines and premium Sake.
(Area: Nishinakasu)
Carefully marinated Mentaiko (roe of Pollock) is a signature dish and the family secret of the Sushidokoro Gou. Enjoy the freshest fish and seafood from Kyusyu, prepared by the skilled sushi-chef, perfectly complimented by Sake from all over Japan.
MASUMIZU (割烹・鮨 ます水)
MASUMIZU (割烹・鮨 ます水)  (Kappo, Sushi)
(Area: Nakasukawabata)
We offer the best of traditional Japanese cuisine to make you enjoy the four seasons in a relaxing atmosphere and savor sashimi and food prepared with fresh seasonal vegetables and fish.
IL.SOGNO  (Italian)
(Area: Nishinakasu)
The IL.SOGNO’s motto is "Homemade handmade" food for your delight. Please enjoy relaxing laidback atmosphere and carefully handpicked local Kyusyu ingredients, and spend a nice time in the restaurant where space and service are created for you.
Teppanyaki AKATSUKI (鉄板焼 曉)
Teppanyaki AKATSUKI (鉄板焼 曉)  (Teppanyaki · Steakhouse)
(Area: Yakuin)
Spiny lobster, abalone, French foie gras, etc. Please enjoy a variety of luxury ingredients, Kansai style okonomiyaki, and A5 rank Takamori Wagyu Steak cooked at the 3.6m Tappan-grill as a main dish.
(Area: Akasaka)
Using seasonal fresh fish, meat from Kyushu and vegetables TOKUNAGA offers originally arranged traditional Japanese cuisine. We boast our absolutely agrochemical-free clay pot rice carefully prepared for each customer. Enjoy various seafood dishes and globefish directly delivered from Shimonoseki.
BAR CAVALLO the Salon  (Italian ・ Wine Bar)
(Area: Yakuin)
Enjoy a special dinner from Chef Honda, a modern twist of traditional Italian cuisine, and a popular wine pairing set carefully selected by our sommelier. Live violin performance from Thursday to Sunday.
32 restaurant(s) out of 1-20restaurant(s) 1 2 ≫|

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