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KYOTO Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Ristorante Casa Bianca
Ristorante Casa Bianca  (Italian)
(Area: Imadegawa)
Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine prepared by the owner-chef, who has been awarded the "Cavaliere" medal by the President of the Italian Republic, as well as a wide selection of Italian wines.
Plancha KEN
Plancha KEN  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Gion)
Teppanyaki restaurant located in the historical part of Kyoto, few steps away from Yasaka Shrine. Enjoy a cooking performance and hear a sizzle of meat on the grill. Food prepared with excellent ingredients complimented by carefully selected wines.
KIYOMIZU Higashiyama Garden
KIYOMIZU Higashiyama Garden  (Italian & French)
(Area: Gion)
Warmth of wooden tables and peaceful ambience of the main dining, terrace to admire beauty of nature, and a wide garden to enjoy a change of seasons. Modern presentation of dishes prepared according to the season and authentic atmosphere to experience Kyoto.
Ching Ming Gion (中国料理 青冥 祇園店)
(Area: Gion)
Unchanging taste and hospitality since the establishment in 1967. We pass down traditional taste and the spirit of hospitality through the generations, enjoying a continued patronage at our sister restaurant of the famous Ching Ming.
Wagyu Steak Hanasato Gion (ステーキ 花郷 祇園店)
(Area: Gion)
Enjoy the delicious food, sizzle, and smell of premium steak on the grill counter and harmony of private rooms. Hanasato offers Teppanyaki cuisine prepared with the best of Japanese beef and fresh seasonal Kyoto ingredients by the skillful chef.
Fugu・Hamo Kappo Yoshibe(ふぐ・はも割烹 由兵衛)
(Area: Kawaramachi)
With conger pike in the summer and puffer fish in the winter, forget the noise of the city in a space where you can enjoy the intermittent flavour of the seasons and experience Kyoto's uniqueness.
Teppanyaki Hanaroku (鉄板料理 花六)
(Area: Around Kyoto Station)
We offer special brands of sake from Kyoto's Sake Distict and Teppanyaki cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients and Japanese beef. Kyoto Fushimi Sake and Kyoutango premium Sake to compliment special dining experience in Japanese style restaurant.
(Area: Kitayama)
Antique glass and ornaments creates an exotic ambience. Enjoy French cuisine rich in colourful Kyoto vegetables prepared by Mr. Nishimura, the owner chef of the restaurant, the finalist of "Nikkei Restaurant Menu Grand Prix" and certified master of The Kyoto Vegetables Association. A recommended restaurant for anniversaries, celebrations, and various gatherings.
(Area: Marutamachi)
A simple and chic space in white colors with a calm atmosphere. Please enjoy a variety of dishes from local Italian cuisine up to contemporary creations perfectly complimented by wine from all over Italy.
Seityuan Restaurant Française (聖宙庵)
(Area: Jodoji)
French cuisine served at a traditional tea room in Jodoji temple, Kyoto. Please enjoy carefully selected ingredients with chopsticks in the relaxing atmosphere of Kyoto teahouse.
Bistrot "La Mandoline"
Bistrot "La Mandoline"  (French)
(Area: Gion)
Enjoy traditional French cuisine prepared with heart and soul by our chef. Using carefully selected locally sourced vegetables and quality ingredients from France to guarantee an exquisite and gentle taste. The restaurant offers a delightful homely atmosphere that is perfect to relax and unwind. 
Pierre Precieuse
Pierre Precieuse  (French)
(Area: Karasuma Oike)
Restaurant concept "Healthy French" is based on using of fermented foods such as miso and koji, without using cream or butter. Please enjoy a masterpiece created on your plate by our chef complimented by over 20 kinds of wine in a casual relaxing atmosphere.
Can de Sun
Can de Sun  (Continental cuisine)
(Area: Kitayama)
We use organic rice and vegetables from Kyoto, locally produced and pesticide-free. We created a menu to deliver "delicious" food good for your body and health. We are happy to accommodate your allergy requests. Gluten-free and carbonates free and carbohydrates-free menu options available.
(Area: Other areas of Kyoto)
Hideout counter-restaurant located near Kamo Shrine in Kyoto. Please enjoy the authentic taste of seasonal cuisine from the owner-Chef who worked at famous Ryotei Restaurant Yugyoan Tankuma as a Japanese chef and at Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto as a French chef.
Teppanyaki KAORU (鉄板焼 馨), Kyoto
(Area: Marutamachi)
We offer top-quality Japanese beef, fresh Kyoto vegetables, and a selection of high-quality ingredients such as Ise shrimp and abalone, carefully prepared by the chef's brilliant hands to the best condition. Forget about hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy various occasions, such as anniversaries and private parties.
ortensia  (Italian)
(Area: Jingu-marutamachi)
Feel like you are traveling abroad in the orange interior of the restaurant which resembles a town in southern Italy where the owner spent his training days in the begining of his careear, before working in a long establish Italian restaurant. Please enjoy the exquisite Italian food with wine selected according to your preferences.
Kushikatsu KISUI (串かつ希水)
Kushikatsu KISUI (串かつ希水)  (Deep-fried skewers・Japanese)
(Area: Karasuma Oike)
The interior is finished like a high-class Japanese restaurant. Please enjoy the unique and original deep-fried skewers made using the finest ingredients by the owner-chef. The chef polished his skills at a three-star restaurant.
Nikudokoro RYU-AN (肉処 りゅう庵)
(Area: Gion)
The owner's parents' house is a butcher shop, he purchases the finest beef from reliable producers all over the country and sticks to the high-quality ones. Enjoy the taste of the best of meat, he can offer with confidence.
Enshutsu Teppan Steak & BAR Cocotte Alpha (演出鉄板ステーキ&BAR ココットアルファ)
(Area: Kawaramachi)
Japanese black beef raised with great care in Kyoto is carefully grilled on an iron plate. Enjoy your meal with the tantalizing aroma and appetizing sounds.
Nihonryori to Nihonsyu Satoshi(日本料理と日本酒 惠史)
(Area: Karasuma Oike)
We offer the most exquisite dishes created by Mr. Hoshina, who studied for 17 years at the long-established Ryotei restaurant "Wakuden" and became the head chef. The course we offer consists of three dishes for those who enjoy drinking. Enjoy a course style where you can add your own dishes to satisfy your taste buds and your appetite.
20 restaurant(s) out of 1-20restaurant(s) 1

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