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OSAKA Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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A le Soleil
A le Soleil  (French)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
Well established restaurant to admire sophisticated French at a peaceful street. Enjoy visual presentation and flavors of numerous artfully plated creations from Chef Koji Ogawa perfectly complimented by Grand Crus wine.
KOBE STEAK Tsubasa Kitashinchi
KOBE STEAK Tsubasa Kitashinchi  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
We welcome you to enjoy at the special counter seats the scent of sizzling premium ingredients, such as abalone and live spiny lobster from the fish preserve, grilling in front of your eyes, complimented by fine wines from France.
(Area: Honmachi)
Please relish culinary adventures and Primo Piatto from our chef and enjoy a high-quality time at a relaxing space with ambient light. Our menu is produced by understanding the difference between Japanese and Italian ingredients and keeping unbroken Italian culinary traditions.
Le Cinque Kitahama
Le Cinque Kitahama  (Italian)
(Area: Kitahama)
The name Le Cinque, means five in French, reflects the concept of the restaurant to enjoy food by all five senses “taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing”. We offer a wide selection of wines with a focus on Italian and vintage wines.
Shunji Kikyo (旬喰 桔梗)
Shunji Kikyo (旬喰 桔梗)  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
Please enjoy the Japanese cuisine prepared with seasonal feeling using fresh ingredients purchased daily and Teppanyaki made with a premium beef and carefully selected ingredients. Time goes slow in a cozy restaurant, a recommended place for a dinner with your special someone.
Nikusai Sorasora (肉菜 宙空)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
Just 3 minutes’ walk from Kitashinchi station. Enjoy A5 grade Japanese black beef in a refined sparkling space. Have a relaxing time and explore all sorts of different cuts of Wagyu.
Teppan Himawari (鉄板焼 向日葵)
(Area: Kitashinchi)
Teppan cuisine prepared in front of your eyes. We offer a lively cooking performance and freshly prepared dishes. We only have 4 seats to ensure a genuine hospitality. Please enjoy relaxing time and warm welcome.
LA VIE 1923
LA VIE 1923  (French)
(Area: Osakako)
LA VIE is a French restaurant that offers unique dining experience. Please enjoy not only the four seasons, but the delicate sense of Japan's seasonal feeling by combining the Japanese spirit and French cooking techniques.
Recella RINASCE  (Italian)
(Area: Nakatsu(Fukushima))
Enjoy seasonal farm-fresh vegetables and safe and secure food at our restaurant produced by Dr. Recella. We offer not only "delicious" food, but make a commitment to health and beauty. Please have a nice time at Japan's first beauty restaurant.
brasserie RINASCE
brasserie RINASCE  (Casual French)
(Area: Namba)
We make use of "good ingredients", "good heat" and "good seasonings" with a playful presentation. We offer relief and warmth. Please enjoy your meal in a wonderful space finished in white with “Tiffany Blue”.
nitro  (Italian)
(Area: Umeda)
We offer a calm ambience of a house restaurant and authentic Italian cuisine, to enjoy not only a fresh taste of ingredients, but also we make the most of the taste by aging. Seafood are aged for flavour and tenderness.
LACADOR O SEIRYU  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Shinsaibashi)
The restaurant is located on the first floor of OSEIRYU guesthouse. We carefully selected high-quality beef, seafood and seasonal vegetables to grill in front of our eyes. We sure we will leave even foodies craving for more.
(Area: Shinsaibashi)
The restaurant is located on the first floor of OSEIRYU guesthouse. We carefully selected high-quality beef, seafood and seasonal vegetables to grill in front of our eyes. We sure we will leave even foodies craving for more.
Shimanouchi OSEIRYU
Shimanouchi OSEIRYU  (Japanese)
(Area: Shinsaibashi)
Enjoy Japanese cuisine at its best season, and ingredients in three states:「旬=best season」「走り=first」「名残り=remains」. We incorporate traditional Japanese elements with Western cooking techniques to surprise you with a new playful taste.
Shikkui Nomura (四季喰 のむら)
(Area: Temma)
Published in Michelin Guide Hyogo 2016 edition. The restaurant offers Japanese food with a focus on handmade Tofu and Yuba (soy-milk skin). The interior, beautiful table settings and an artistic glass window created with the image of a Japanese garden will make you feel Japanese spirit. Please enjoy the beauty of Japan with your five senses.
Vivacchus  (Italian)
(Area: Honmachi)
We offer the adult atmosphere of the relaxing dining space with fine furnishings. Please enjoy gastronomy-style dishes with exquisite deep taste and wine pairing.
36 restaurant(s) out of 21-36restaurant(s) |≪ 1 2

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