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Sapporo Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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(Area: Sapporo)
A quiet and elegant place to savor adventurous combinations of Hokkaido's choicest seasonal vegetables and ingredients from all over the country perfectly complemented by a selection of 200 wines.
Le Gentilhomme
Le Gentilhomme  (French)
(Area: Sapporo)
Established in 1988, this is a long-established French restaurant representing Hokkaido. Traditional dishes with a sense of seasonality are served with 8,000 bottles of wine of 700 varieties to create a supreme time.
Tempura ZEN (てんぷら 膳)
(Area: Sapporo)
Enjoy crispy and hot tempura cooked in the most timely manner right in front of your eyes. Our deep-fried in Tashiro sesame oil Tempura is perfectly complemented with a wide selection of Japanese sake, shochu, wine and champagne.
aki nagao
aki nagao  (French)
(Area: Sapporo)
Our Chef was honing his culinary skills in kitchens across France, Tokyo, and Sapporo to bring out the best taste of French cuisine. We recommend our wine pairing to enjoy a perfect match for every dish.
Local Cuisine Suginome (きょうど料理亭 杉ノ目)
(Area: Sapporo)
Enjoy an abundance of seasonal ingredients, including crab, one of the most popular northern delicacies. The restaurant is housed in a stone warehouse built in 1915, and has elaborate rooms such as a traditional Ainu house.
Ajidokoro Matsuda (味処 まつ田)
(Area: Sapporo)
Established in 1974, we have been satisfying many customers in Susukino for years. Please enjoy our fresh ingredients and heart-warming hospitality to the fullest.
Northern Food Design TAKU MARUYAMA
(Area: Sapporo)
A popular Japanese restaurant located in the back alleys of Maruyama. With a free style that goes beyond the realm of Japanese cuisine, you can enjoy a peaceful time with dishes that bring out the full flavor of Hokkaido's vegetables and seafood.
teatro di massa
teatro di massa  (Italian)
(Area: Sapporo)
Counter seating restaurant to enjoy “Cucina creativa” - creative local cuisine from the Chef who polished his skills at famous and two starred restaurants in Hokkaido.
Fugu Cuisine Restaurant FUKU SHIN KEN (ふぐ料理専門店 ふく処 信剣)
(Area: Sapporo)
Fugu has been loved from ancient times as a lucky "Fuku" dish in Japan. Our sashimi is carefully prepared with the freshest Japanese pufferfish and aged to maximize the flavors.
MAGUROYA NIBANME (マグロ料理専門店 鮪や にばんめ)
(Area: Sapporo)
Nibanme is a tuna dish specialty store in Susukino, Sapporo. We carefully select only the finest tuna called the “Black Diamond”. Please relish tuna of the highest quality in various forms such as sushi, sashimi, steak, and our most popular tuna shabu-shabu.
Sushi SAKAI (すし さか井)
(Area: Sapporo)
Owner-chef Mr. Sakai honed his skills at the famous Sushi Zen restaurant. Dedicated to Edomae-sushi Mr. Sakai uses only natural ingredients with the seasons, choosing seafood and vegetables that are at the peak of freshness and flavor. Starting with owner’s home area, Fukushima, we offer over 40 kinds of hard-to-find Japanese sake brands and various wines. Please enjoy Edomae-style sushi and Japanese sake at the Sushi SAKAI restaurant.
BUNTARO(文太郎)  Fugu・Suppon・Conger Eel
(Area: Sapporo)
Ingredients are cooked to perfection, and you can enjoy a variety of exquisite dishes that you have never tasted before. "In a private room decorated with Japanese artworks, you can enjoy your precious moments while savoring the gourmet food to your heart's content. It is also perfect for business meetings.
Shun-sai Shun-gyo UTAGE (旬菜旬魚 うたげ)
(Area: Sapporo)
Enjoy a quiet atmosphere, and delicate Japanese dishes made with carefully selected seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido, along with a full selection of sake and heartwarming hospitality.
(Area: Sapporo)
Unlike most of fugu restaurants, we offer completely additive-free original courses. Each dish maximizes the flavor of fugu caught in season and perfectly complimented by Japanese sake, champagne, wine, and Hokkaido juice. Recommended for special occasions and memorable dinner with loved ones.
GEKKAOH (中国料理 月下翁)
(Area: Sapporo)
It is a restaurant where you can enjoy elegant and tasty Chinese cuisine, incorporating the concept of dietary, healthy eating. Enjoy a meal with Chinese liquor or organic wine.
(Area: Sapporo)
We bring the natural flavors, taste, and complexity of the rich ingredients. Enjoy French cuisine with your five senses at TATEOKA TAKESHI.
L'ORANGE  (French)
(Area: Sapporo)
A counter only French restaurant offers plenty of refined ingredients from around Hokkaido where the chef is from. Please enjoy the space where you can feel the heat and flavors of cooking directly.
Ryoriya botan
Ryoriya botan  (Italian)
(Area: Sapporo)
Japanese-Italian restaurant that combines Japanese and Western cuisine, focusing on seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido. Senior sommeliers and Japanese sake masters prepare a large selection of sake, wine, champagne, and original craft beer, so you can enjoy an unpretentious meals.
Sushi Shikura (寿司 しくら)
(Area: Sapporo)
Enjoy the skillful work of our chef at the counter seat with a bar-style adult atmosphere. Try recommended seasonal dishes prepared using the best ingredients of the day, a variety of hand-grip sushi, and sake and wine to complement the dishes.
Spain Ryori to Teppanyaki BOQUERIA
(Area: Sapporo)
The atmosphere is casual and welcoming. The food is prepared using local ingredients and is based on the spirit of "del pueblo" (the cuisine of the people), where each family's recipe is important.
20 restaurant(s) out of 1-20restaurant(s) 1

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