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KANAGAWA Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Kanton Hanten (廣東飯店)
(Area: Yokohama China Town)
Located in an exotic Chinatown, Yokohama. The Kanton Hanten is a relaxing and quiet place. Enjoy authentic taste and a variety of menu choices from shark's fin to dim sum and desserts prepared by a skilled chef.
International Cuisine subzero
(Area: Yokohama)
A fabulous location right on Osanbashi Pier at the Port of Yokohama with a perfect view of neon lights of Minatomirai. Enjoy seasonal ingredients from all over the world and original dishes perfectly complemented by wine.
(Area: Yokohama)
The Umiria offers a wide selection of high-end dishes using the best from traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine. Indulge in a luxury of dinning space created by the world-rank designer and savor unique Italian Yokohama-style dishes.
(Area: Yokohama)
Enjoy a relaxing meal in the restaurant with a view of the Bay Bridge and Yokohama Port. Please spend an important time with your loved ones with Italian cuisine that makes the most of seasonal ingredients while gazing at the ever-changing scenery.
Ristorante REAL
Ristorante REAL  (Italian)
(Area: Yokohama)
Ristorante REAL offers Italian cuisine prepared using traditional cooking technics to bring out the best taste. We recommend to try our hand-made pasta and meat dishes.
Creative French Sho's TEPPAN DINING
Creative French Sho's TEPPAN DINING  (Steak · Teppanyaki)
(Area: Yokohama)
We use unique technique of fire-grill to offer a month watering juicy and flavorful premium Kuroge Wagyu Beef from Kumamoto. Please enjoy creative French cuisine to treat all your five senses in a cozy ambience of a dining space.
SEMPLICE Kamakura・Ofuna
SEMPLICE Kamakura・Ofuna  (Italian)
(Area: Kamakura)
Napoli home cooking, sophisticated but warm and tasty cuisine will make you feel nostalgic. Beginning with appetizers and mains prepared with seasonal ingredients, pasta and pizza, dolce and wine are carefully selected and served with our whole soul. Please enjoy your anniversaries and special occasions
Washoku Sosaku Eito (和食創作 えいと)
(Area: Yokohama)
Enjoy to your heart's content various extraordinary creative dishes prepared with the best seasonal ingredients at the peak of the season. Enter our welcoming space finished in modern Japanese style, stretch legs, and relax in Japanese-style private rooms.
Gentillesse KOMACHI
Gentillesse KOMACHI  (French)
(Area: Yokohama)
Inspired by the transition of the four distinct seasons in Japan, we offer a deliciousness and beauty into details. Please enjoy the moment with important people in the chic ambience of black × white.
Teppan & French Grill-pan ZEN
Teppan & French Grill-pan ZEN  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Kawasaki)
3 minutes walk from Kawasaki Station. Enjoy carefully selected top quality ingredients from all over Japan, and seasonal cuisine prepared by our by skilled chef in a calm and elegant space, that will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the station.
OSSO  (Italian)
(Area: Shonan)
A hideout for adult gourmands with only 8 counter seats is located just 5 minutes walk from Zushi station. We offer a variety of colorful dishes made with seasonal local ingredients, prepared in front of your eyes, in a cozy and sophisticated space. Please enjoy Italian wines and homemade non-alcoholic cocktails.
(Area: Yokohama)
Once you get into Leone Marciano, you will get into a standing bar where you can casually have a glass of wine. Move forward into the dining space with a high ceiling, enjoy an atmosphere as if you trip over to Italy and homemade pasta and fresh seafood prepared by Chef Paolo Mazzini from Romagna, Italy.
-KINON-(季音)  (French)
(Area: Kamakura)
We use the wood fire and the best local ingredients in season. Enjoy the freshness of the ingredients and the most aromatic smoke of a wood fire. Please spend a relaxing time in a calm ambiance.
Kamakura Asobigasaki (鎌倉 遊ヶ崎)
Kamakura Asobigasaki (鎌倉 遊ヶ崎)  (Japanese, Kaiseki)
(Area: Kamakura)
Please enjoy delicious fish and seasonal Japanese ingredients directly from Misaki, prepared and beautifully served without exception, in a spacious and rich space.
Irifune Odawara Eki-Mae (入船 小田原駅前店)
(Area: Odawara)
This large seafood restaurant is located on three floors. We provide farm-fresh ingredients directly from the production area. Enjoy a relaxing time with famous sake from all over Japan.
wagyu sous vide
wagyu sous vide  (Steak, Bar)
(Area: Shonan)
The name of the restaurant “sous vide”, French for “under vacuum”, also known as low temperature long time cooking. Please enjoy your to your heart's content a dinner with steak made from rare Japanese brand beef "Takamori Wagyu" by vacuum low temperature cooking and your favorite drink.
16 restaurant(s) out of 1-16restaurant(s) 1

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