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TOKYO Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Ginza Suzuki (銀座 すゞ木)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Ginza-style restaurant with calm, relaxing ambience. All counter 10 seats. A new style of French cuisine for your delight: a great choice of cocktails paired with the best of seasonal food.
mon atelier
mon atelier  (French・Italian)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Here you will find comfort, smooth service, and expertly prepared food — the perfect place for crafting memorable times with special people. The playful culinary cheer of our young, talented chefs meets delectable seasonal dishes —all which pair excellently with a fine selection of top wines selected by sommelier.
epicer  (Chinese)
(Area: Roppongi/Azabu/Hiroo)
Quietly is nestled in Nishi-Azabu epicer offers Chinese cuisine partnered with fine wines using the freshest ingredients and magical spices, all served up in classic French style.
Yunke (尹家)
Yunke (尹家)  (Korean)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Yunke, a royal court cuisine restaurant serves a modern interpretation on traditional Korean food. Using medicinal herbs, Yunke's dishes create a harmony of taste, health and nature to be enjoyed with the five senses, complemented by a selection of rare sake and fine wine. The restaurant offers luxurious private rooms and sincere hospitality suitable for any special occasion.
IWAEN Kyobashi Edogrand (頤和園 京橋エドグラン店)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Please enjoy chef’s signature shark fin soup and a variety of Chinese dishes prepared using seasonal ingredients. A genuine hospitality in a completely private room.
GINZA kansei
GINZA kansei  (French)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Mastering French for over 40 years, our chef skillfully choses the best ingredients from all over Japan to cherish taste and aromas of food. Please enjoy the seasonal dinner menu that changes with the seasons.
Teppanyaki AkaRi (鉄板焼き 燈)
(Area: Shimbashi/Akasaka)
Best seasonal vegetables, aged Japanese beef, and live seafood from all over the country are grilled in front of your eyes by a professional Chef. Enjoy perfectly cooked Teppanyaki and carefully selected meat prepared according to your taste.
Ebisu Kyoshizuku  (恵比寿 京しずく)
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
Located in Tokyo Ebisu, a wonderful and quiet place with the atmosphere of real Kyoto to experience the story of Kyoto cuisine served dish by dish by our chef. Please enjoy the delicious story of Kyoto, which will start once you step inside the Ebisu Kyoshizuku restaurant.
LA BELLE LUNE  (Yakuzen French)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Studied at a 2-star restaurant in France Chef Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu incorporates French and international cooking techniques with traditional Chinese medical science to offer you a variety of "delicious", "beautiful", and "good for the body" dishes.
Yakiniku Masuo Shinjuku Main Store (焼肉ますお 新宿本店)
(Area: Shinjuku/Ichigaya/Iidabashi)
Yakiniku Masuo offers rare and special A5-ranked Japanese beef. Specializing in Ozaki beef known as the miraculous wagyu beef, as only 30 Ozaki cattles can be produced in a month. Please enjoy the delicious Ozaki beef with over 40 kinds of wine in a calm atmosphere.
Modern Kaiseki Cuisine Terra (現代割烹 Terra)
(Area: Roppongi/Azabu/Hiroo)
Enjoy a wine pairing and our unique menu by an innovative Japanese chef who has been awarded Michelin stars in Australia. Seasonal ingredients allows you to experience the seasons of Japan with all five senses. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy Japanese cuisine at Roppongi Crossing.
(Area: Shinjuku/Ichigaya/Iidabashi)
A recommended restaurant to enjoy Japanese cuisine prepared with plenty of seasonal ingredients and an exquisite Soba made according to your taste. Please spend luxurious time and enjoy a variety of Sake in a calm atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku.
(Area: Roppongi/Azabu/Hiroo)
Authentic Italian cuisine for over 25 years. Please enjoy food from a guest-chef from Italy and many imported food hard to find anywhere else in Japan.
INOLTRE  (Italian)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Ginza's retreat where you can enjoy extensive wine list and attentive cuisine. Our chefs carefully prepare dishes with plenty of seasonal ingredients. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a good time and a great choice of wine.
Restaurant Annoreve
Restaurant Annoreve  (French)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
All dishes are prepared with ultimate attention to taste, beauty and nutrition. On every plate our chef creates the 4:3:3 ratio of Carbs, Protein and Fat to provide a healthy dining experience. Please enjoy with your body and soul a moment of bliss at Restaurant Annoreve.
WAZEN IIDA (和膳 いい田)
(Area: Ningyocho)
Over 150 kinds of carefully selected Sake and Japanese seasonal food. Using best of seasonal ingredients we prepare every dish with ultimate care and dedication. Please enjoy full of seasonal feeling food creations to your heart's content.  
RESTAURANT GINZA dompierre  (French ・ Western cuisine)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Dompierre group restaurants have been loved by celebrity guests over decades. Dompierre Ginza will impress you by warm welcome and special atmosphere of a small restaurant. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the best of haute French cuisine and carefully selected wines.
Ginza KUROSON (銀座 黒尊)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
The restaurant is named after the Kuroson River, which is the clearest tributary of the Shimanto River. We offer sushi and sashimi perfectly complimented by Japanese sake. Please enjoy the seasonal cuisine prepared using carefully selected ingredients from the sea and mountain directly delivered from produces.
(Area: Shimbashi/Akasaka)
"French Japone style" based on traditional French cuisine twisted with Japanese ingredients. The restaurant is located on the top floor of Caretta Shiodome building offering a stunning night view of Tokyo. Please enjpy a sweet moment in the extraordinary luxury space.
Georges un cinq
Georges un cinq  (French)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
A sister store of famous Yokohama Motomachi's deux epicer is opened in Ginza. Enjoy the marriage of exquisite French food prepared with ingredients from Fukui prefecture, chef's homeland, and wine carefully selected by sommeliers. A calm ambience of private rooms finished in white, recommended for anniversaries and special occasions.
141 restaurant(s) out of 81-100restaurant(s) |≪ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ≫|

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