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TOKYO Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Taverna I
Taverna I  (Italian)
(Area: Ikebukuro)
Chef-owner Hisashi Imai offers colorful rich local Italian cuisine prepared with love. The kids-friendly place to spend relaxing time with friends and family at a homey atmosphere.
IKKYOU (粋京)  (Japanese)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
A popular hideout restaurant for an adult clientele to feel the essence of Japanese food art. Please enjoy authentic Kyoto cuisine: every dish is prepared taking the time and sparing no effort by our owner-chef polished his skills at famous Kyoto restaurants to deliver the best possible taste of ingredients.
DOMINANT  (Teppanyaki)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Our friendly staff and a veteran chef will create a special night for you. Please enjoy carefully prepared selected ingredients, such as A5 rank Kuroge Wagyu beef, abalone and foie gras. sophisticated atmosphere and jazz music in the background.
Cot  (French)
(Area: Roppongi/Azabu/Hiroo)
Enjoy a wide variety of menu options based on the traditional French cuisine with a touch of Japanese and Italian taste from our expert Chef. The restaurant you will want to come back again and again.
L'enfant coeur et coeur
L'enfant coeur et coeur  (French)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Medieval European-style restaurant finished in white and ivory colors. Elegant calm space to enjoy a beautiful surprise, sophisticated French menu complimented by sommelier selected wines.
MITANIYA (室町 三谷屋)
MITANIYA (室町 三谷屋)  (Japanese)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
We carefully choose the best ingredients at the market to offer you Japanese cuisine from the master-chef. We use simple cooking technique to bring the best possible flavors. Every dish is prepared with the utmost care to make you enjoy one of its kind, unique creature.
HongKongRoom GOUKA
HongKongRoom GOUKA  (Chinese)
(Area: Roppongi/Azabu/Hiroo)
Please enjoy to your heart's content traditional Shanghai and Cantonese cuisine perfectly complimented by a wide variety of wines and premium beverages. We use the best carefully selected ingredients according to the season for unforgettable dining experience. Comfortable seating for various situations: gathering with friends, family or a business dinner.
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Please enjoy the harmony between unique flavours of fish and a gentle taste of warm rice. I am not pursuing a trend, I am exploring my own sushi.
GINZA HOU-EN (銀座 芳園)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
We offer a mix of traditional Chinese cooking techniques and various innovative ideas. Every dish is prepared with the best carefully selected ingredients and served in the western style to provide an unforgettable dining experience. Please enjoy the impeccable Ginza hospitality and a calm relaxing ambience.
Ringraziamento  (Italian)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Mr. Sano, the first Japanese who became a Main Chef of a three starred restaurant in Italy, opened the Ringraziamento – the adult hideaway. The Chef puts his unique experience to create Italian cuisine according to four seasons.
Ocean dish Q'on
Ocean dish Q'on  (French)
(Area: Shimbashi/Akasaka)
Enjoy French cuisine prepared with the carefully selected ingredients overlooking sparkling neon lights of the Bay. Panoramic views of Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, and Rainbow Bridge at your table.
Shi-Fan  (Chinese)
(Area: Roppongi/Azabu/Hiroo)
Impressive black and red interior with sparkling chandeliers. The Shanghai-born Chef creates a memorable course menu, authentic Chinese flavors carefully arranged according to Japanese taste to deliver a delicate natural cuisine.
ICHIMISHIN (一味真)  (French)
(Area: Shinjuku/Ichigaya/Iidabashi)
Ichimishin offers a magnificent view from the 53rd floor of the Tokyo Opera City, located directly above subway Hatsudai station. Please enjoy to your heart’s content food and wine marriage. Each dish is prepared with carefully selected ingredients to offer you an ultimate dining experience.
BRUCIA BRUCIA  (Charcoal Grill・Italian)
(Area: Shinjuku/Ichigaya/Iidabashi)
Enjoy flavors of melting in your month aged beef of the finest quality, unforgettable dining experience after the first bite. Stylish open space with 6.2 meters ceilings to for a leisurely meal.
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
Nouvelle Chinois style restaurant to enjoy dish by dish individually prepared for each guest. A blissful time and healthy Chinese cuisine focusing on vegetables and organic seasoning complimented by carefully selected wines.
FURUYA augastronome
FURUYA augastronome  (French)
(Area: Shimbashi/Akasaka)
Chef Furuya worked in starred restaurants in France, Belgium and Switzerland, where he has acquired a unique experience to offer classic French cuisine with a modern touch. Furuya’s sauces, which are rich but not heavy, are prepared “a la minute”, a French term that means you prepare sauces to order, and not in advance.
TANTAKA Kagurazaka (神楽坂 たんたか)
(Area: Shinjuku/Ichigaya/Iidabashi)
Our Chef polished his skills in a number of famous, outstanding restaurants. Chef’s classic dishes prepared with the best ingredients according to the season, served in a bold artistic manner on the plates in accordance with the occasion. Enjoy to your heart’s content the taste and visual presentation of authentic Japanese cuisine which you cannot find anywhere else.
One Garden Japanese Restaurant Shibuya-Sakuragaoka Branch
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
The interior of One Garden changes according to the season. Enjoy luxurious adult time, the warm atmosphere and rich taste of high quality fresh foods and ingredients.
Maison de Minami French Kappo Dominique Corby
(Area: Shinjuku/Ichigaya/Iidabashi)
Our chef, Dominique Corby, polished his skills in a number of famous, outstanding restaurants.He uses a minimum of flour and butter to bring out the best seasonal taste of French cuisine, perfectly complimented by a choice of wine from the wine stock with over 20,000 bottles.
Ryouriya Tokiiro (料理屋 とき彩)
(Area: Roppongi/Azabu/Hiroo)
Ryouriya Tokiiro is conveniently nestled in Nishi-Azabu. Please come to enjoy prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients Japanese cuisine and not easy to find in Tokyo Hokkaido’s Furano Wagyu, fresh fish from Genkai, and Heshiko, traditional food of Wakasa, north of Kyoto, and much more local treats.
141 restaurant(s) out of 61-80restaurant(s) |≪ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ≫|

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