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TOKYO Restaurant list (In the order of registration)
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Ristorante Primi Baci
Ristorante Primi Baci  (Italian)
(Area: Kichijoji/Musashino)
Primi Baci is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and savor Italian cuisine. Forget about time and enjoy a magnificent view of Kichijoji Inokashira Park.
MITSUYOSHI (みつ芳)  (Japanese)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
A secret members-only restaurant offers a warm sincere reception for special guests. Enjoy the natural taste of carefully selected high-quality ingredients and excellent hospitality.
JWC 2nd Avenue GINZA
JWC 2nd Avenue GINZA  (Dining Bar)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
A hidden place at Ginza to enjoy a stylish atmosphere and excellent food perfectly complemented by a wide selection of fine alcoholic beverages.
Lounge BAR Nights
Lounge BAR Nights  (Dining Bar)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Enjoy an elegant atmosphere of the Ryokan-style dining bar. The Nights offers a wide choice of alcoholic beverages and dishes served in special Japanese boxes to provide a memorable night dining experience.
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Terres de Truffes' first opened in Nice and Paris, France and then Tokyo. We offer delicious truffle dishes to bring the best taste of the highest quality truffles.
Negishi Sushi Sosaku Ryori Amami(根岸 鮨創作料理 奄美)
(Area: Nezu/Sendagi)
A relaxing atmosphere of a traditional sushi restaurant and fresh taste of the best fish selections served with a genuine Japanese hospitality.
Ristorante GIAGGIOLO Ginza
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
A ristorante based on the healing and preventive medicine concepts of Santa Maria Novella, the oldest pharmacy in the world, offers Tuscan cuisine that maximized the medicinal effects of herbs. Enjoy healthy Italian food to your heart’s content in a laid-back atmosphere.
Restaurant Marvelous Paradis Shirogane (レストラン マーヴェラス パラディ白金)
(Area: Shirokane/Seijo, etc.)
The owner designed a dining space according to her taste. Enjoy the elegant space arranged with flowers and a unique dining style based on the theme of dreams, peace, and healing. Healthy French food and genuine hospitality.
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
Located just few steps away from Aoyama Street. Enjoy a variety of fine Champagne from a cellar and the elegant ambience of a dining space.
Restaurant Re:
Restaurant Re:  (French)
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
We mix ingredients and food culture of various parts of Japan with French cooking art and style. We would appreciate it if you could rediscover (Re:) discover the wonderful food culture around you.
Teppanyaki KAORU (鉄板焼 馨)
(Area: Roppongi/Azabu/Hiroo)
Enjoy delicacies from a teppanyaki master-chef. Start with the finest Japanese beef and continue with lobster, black abalone, and Japanese tiger prawns' dishes.
Teppanyaki ICHIKA (鉄板焼 いちか)
(Area: Ebisu/Nakameguro/Daikanyama)
The Ichika offers not only Japanese beef of the highest quality, but also fresh seafood such as lobster or abalone. Enjoy a chef's performance and relax either at the main counter seating or at the private VIP counter or cozy sofas.
One Garden Nishiazabu
One Garden Nishiazabu  (Japanese)
(Area: Roppongi/Azabu/Hiroo)
Nishi-Azabu, an adult town. When you enter the store, you will enjoy a calm atmosphere. Please enjoy creative dishes such as aged meat that brings out the flavor of the ingredients and the famous Tai Meshi prepared using Japanese cooking techniques.
Japanese Restaurant Ginza Ishizuka (日本料理 銀座いしづか)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
The Ishizuka restaurant offers the best dishes and carefully selected seasonal ingredients from owner-chef Ishizuka Tadashi who started from “Fukudaya” restaurant in Kioi-cho and polished his skills in such restaurants like "Banreki Ryukodo" and "Wake Toku Yama". Great place to enjoy Japanese cuisine and genuine hospitality in Ginza.
Aoyama GYUSAI (青山 牛彩)
Aoyama GYUSAI (青山 牛彩)  (Teppanyaki, Shabu-Shabu)
(Area: Omotesando/Shibuya)
The great place to taste a variety of colorful Japanese dishes prepared with freshest ingredients of each season. Relaxing atmosphere, authentic Japanese taste and food from all over the country, Chefs’ performance and excellent service will make your party, anniversary or date unforgettable.
GINZA TENKAWA (鮨 銀座 天川)  (Sushi / Japanese)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
We use only natural seafood and Kyoto organic vegetables to provide a well-balanced menu.
La Scogliera
La Scogliera  (Italian)
(Area: Shimbashi/Akasaka)
La Scogliera, means reef in Italian, a place to enjoy a genuine Italian atmosphere and natural taste of seafood. The setting is warm with the reminiscence of a little village in Southern Italy. All ingredients are selected by the owner, a fisherman from Hachijo-jima. Fresh fish, delivered daily from Toyosu market and Hachijo-jima. High-quality olive oils, garlic, and tomatoes bring the real taste of the Mediterranean will make you feel like you dine in Campania, Sicily, or Sardinia.
AL KENTRE  (Italian)
(Area: Ginza/Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
The restaurant features a spacious sitting with large windows up to the ceiling and spectacular view of night Ginza. From pasta, fish and meat dishes up to desserts enjoy a new Italian cuisine: a wide selection of specialties, perfect combinations of sauces and ingredients along with special cooking technics to bring out the "Veggies"-vegetable concept.
AJITETSU (黒毛和牛専門店 神戸牛 味鉄)
(Area: Shimbashi/Akasaka)
Ajitetsu chain celebrates its 60th anniversary since opening. The entire cow purchased to offer the best pieces of world-famous Kobe Beef and dry-aged Tojima beef of the highest quality, which is carefully prepared and served to customers at the pick of its taste.
Restaurant Perfumes
Restaurant Perfumes  (French)
(Area: Shirokane/Seijo, etc.)
A hideaway French restaurant "Perfumes" is nestled in the exclusive residential area. Forget about your day-to-day routine and have a luxurious dinner in a warm atmosphere. A perfect place to enjoy a sophisticated fusion of traditional and modern cuisine prepared with carefully selected by the chef seasonal ingredients.
145 restaurant(s) out of 21-40restaurant(s) |≪ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ≫|

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