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  • February 26, 2015
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Syotai-Biyori Top Restaurants

1位 Sushi MISUJI (鮨 美寿思)
Sushi MISUJI (鮨 美寿思)
The restaurant is located on the 46th floor of Caretta Shiodome, 200 meters above the ground. Enjoy to your heart's content the sushi made with the best ingredients of the four seasons and the skills of the master chefs passed down through the generations.
2位 aki nagao
aki nagao
Our Chef was honing his culinary skills in kitchens across France, Tokyo, and Sapporo to bring out the best taste of French cuisine. We recommend our wine pairing to enjoy a perfect match for every dish.
3位 Ginza Tsuru (銀座つる)
Ginza Tsuru (銀座つる)
We deliver Joushu Wagyu Beef dishes centering on "Charcoal Grill", "Sukiyaki", "Shabu Shabu" using seasonal Gunma prefecture-made ingredients. Please enjoy exclusive wine carefully selected by sommelier. We offer fully-private rooms for a wide range of occasions, great for entertainment, dinner with your loved ones and parties.

Recommended Restaurants

Tempura ZEN (てんぷら 膳)
Tempura ZEN (てんぷら 膳)
Enjoy crispy and hot tempura cooked in the most timely manner right in front of your eyes. Our deep-fried in Tashiro sesame oil Tempura is perfectly complemented with a wide selection of Japanese sake, shochu, wine and champagne.
Restaurant VERT FONCÉ
Restaurant VERT FONCÉ
Our restaurant is located on the Josui-dori next to “Josui Ryokuchi” area famous for its rich nature and clean water. We dedicate our cuisine to the concept: “To be healthy and energetic the next day”! The highest menu at a sophisticated French restaurant perfect for an adult clientele.
A quiet and elegant place to savor adventurous combinations of Hokkaido's choicest seasonal vegetables and ingredients from all over the country perfectly complemented by a selection of 200 wines.
Ku-shin meat Dining (肉割烹 喰心) Ku-shin meat Dining (肉割烹 喰心)
The restaurant offers authentic Japanese meat dishes with vegetables and meat from producers who use as little chemical fertilizer as possible. The restaurant boasts a wide variety of specialties using carefully selected meats such as Kuraishi beef from the chef's hometown in Aomori Prefecture, garlic pork, Shamo Rock chicken that cannot be found anywhere else.
The restaurant features a spacious sitting with large windows up to the ceiling and spectacular view of night Ginza. From pasta, fish and meat dishes up to desserts enjoy a new Italian cuisine: a wide selection of specialties, perfect combinations of sauces and ingredients along with special cooking technics to bring out the "Veggies" concept.
Wine Bar Orso Verde Wine Bar Orso Verde
Orso Verde offers a variety of menu options based on Italian cuisine. Start casually from antipasto and cotinine with authentic main course. Sophisticated restaurant for adult clientele to enjoy a new dinner set menu featuring a steak and excellent wine.
Grand Famille Chez Matsuo Seijo Corty Grand Famille Chez Matsuo Seijo Corty
(Area:Shirokane/Seijo, etc.)
This is a restaurant where families, including small children, can casually enjoy the special flavors of Chez Matsuo. The restaurant is also equipped with private rooms of various sizes and banquet facilities, making it ideal for family celebrations and parties.
Reconnaissance Reconnaissance
The chef, who has worked in Tokyo, France and Karuizawa, has arrived at a place where he can make the best use of natural French ingredients and simple preparations, using lots of vegetables, seafood and Japanese elements. Take a bit of respite and enjoy natural French cuisine.
Wagyu Steak Hanasato Gion (ステーキ 花郷 祇園店) Wagyu Steak Hanasato Gion (ステーキ 花郷 祇園店)
Enjoy the delicious food, sizzle, and smell of premium steak on the grill counter and harmony of private rooms. Hanasato offers Teppanyaki cuisine prepared with the best of Japanese beef and fresh seasonal Kyoto ingredients by the skillful chef.
Based on Chinese cuisine, shark's fin, abalone, lobster, etc. are prepared according to customers' request. Japanese black beef, foie gras, etc. are prepared on the teppan plate. Please enjoy the taste of premium ingredients.
A long-established ryotei (Japanese restaurant) that was the setting for the book "The Geisha" written by Tomiko Miyao. Please enjoy the dishes made with abundant seasonal ingredients while feeling the history and culture.
Yakiniku Nishinakasu Rakutora (焼肉 西中洲 楽久虎) Yakiniku Nishinakasu Rakutora (焼肉 西中洲 楽久虎)
We choose the best local ingredients with the idea of “Eat on the land this food was grown is absolutely delicious”. Enjoy a Korean Yakiniku (grilled meat) prepared with Japanese standards.

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