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Syotai-Biyori Top Restaurants

1位 Sushi MISUJI (カレッタ汐留 寿司 美寿思)
Sushi MISUJI (カレッタ汐留 寿司 美寿思)
Located on the 46th floor, 200m meters above the ground, Misuji offers an impressive view over neon city lights. The knowledge and cooking techniques has been handed down from generations to generations to deliver the best taste of sushi prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, served with attention to details.
2位 The INNOCENT CARVERY,Shinmaru Building
The INNOCENT CARVERY,Shinmaru Building
A sister’s restaurant of popular The INNOCENT CARVERY, Nishiazabu. The Innocent Carvery was created with the idea for expert chefs to work together with Wagyu producers to carefully select and gather all the best wagyu from around the country. You can enjoy different carefully selected brands and parts of wagyu so you can compare brands, parts and tastes. Private rooms are available, great for special occasions and for family dinners with kids.
3位 Ristorante Primi Baci
Ristorante Primi Baci
Primi Baci is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and savor Italian cuisine. Forget about time and enjoy a magnificent view of Kichijōji Inogashira Park.

Recommended Restaurants

"French Japone style" based on traditional French cuisine twisted with Japanese ingredients. The restaurant is located on the top floor of Caretta Shiodome building offering a stunning night view of Tokyo. Please enjpy a sweet moment in the extraordinary luxury space.
Restaurant VERT FONCÉ
Restaurant VERT FONCÉ
Our restaurant is located on the Josui-dori next to “Josui Ryokuchi” area famous for its rich nature and clean water. We dedicate our cuisine to the concept: “To be healthy and energetic the next day”! The highest menu at a sophisticated French restaurant perfect for an adult clientele.
A quiet and elegant place to savor adventurous combinations of Hokkaido's choicest seasonal vegetables and ingredients from all over the country perfectly complemented by a selection of 200 wines.
Our food is inspires by local ingredients and dedicated to our customers. We aim to entertain your eyes and warm your heart. Please enjoy the quintessence of Japanese cuisine with selected regional sake in a relaxed ambience of our restaurant.
Ristorante GIAGGIOLO Ginza Ristorante GIAGGIOLO Ginza
A ristorante based on the healing and preventive medicine concepts of Santa Maria Novella, the oldest pharmacy in the world, offers Tuscan cuisine that maximized the medicinal effects of herbs. Enjoy healthy Italian food to your heart’s content in a laid-back atmosphere.
Ryouriya Tokiiro (料理屋 とき彩) Ryouriya Tokiiro (料理屋 とき彩)
Ryouriya Tokiiro is conveniently nestled in Nishi-Azabu. Please come to enjoy prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients Japanese cuisine and not easy to find in Tokyo Hokkaido’s Furano Wagyu, fresh fish from Genkai, and Heshiko, traditional food of Wakasa, north of Kyoto, and much more local treats.
International Cuisine subzero International Cuisine subzero
Enjoy a fabulous location right on Osanbashi Pier at the Port of Yokohama and the perfect view of ocean and night lights of the city. Original Italian dishes made with the best seasonal ingredients and perfectly complemented by wine.
Japanese restaurant TSUTAMO (料亭 蔦茂) Japanese restaurant TSUTAMO (料亭 蔦茂)
Japanese cooking traditions has been developed over the centuries at Tsutamo, we are dedicated to share this experience with all our guests. Each of Japan's four seasons brings a hue, a flavor and a feeling an essence that we embrace and combined in each and every dish we create. Our traditional Japanese style atmosphere, elegant rooms provide a relaxed and quiet dining experience for you and your loved ones.
Premium Wagyu Steak Hanasato Gion (ステーキ 花郷 祇園店) Premium Wagyu Steak Hanasato Gion (ステーキ 花郷 祇園店)
Enjoy the delicious food, sizzle and smell of premium steak on the grill counter and harmony of private rooms. Hanasato offers Teppanyaki cuisine prepared with the best of Japanese beef and fresh seasonal Kyoto ingredients by the skillful chef.
Please relish culinary adventures and Primo Piatto from our chef and enjoy a high-quality time at a relaxing space with ambient light. Our menu is produced by understanding the difference between Japanese and Italian ingredients and keeping unbroken Italian culinary traditions.
Les Ambassadeurs Les Ambassadeurs
Innovative French cuisine prepared using local ingredients based on concept “Can only eat in Hiroshima”. Please enjoy the marriage of food, wine and local sake carefully selected by the owner-chef, certified sommelier.
Enjoy a special dinner from Chef Honda, a modern twist of traditional Italian cuisine, and a popular wine pairing set carefully selected by our sommelier. Live violin performance from Thursday to Sunday.

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